Friday, 11 July 2008

5 Things Friday

5 Things you might or might not know about breastfeeding my kids:

1. The Little Miss was exclusively breastfed until 6 months when I introduced solids. At 9 months I introduced formula for daytime feeds ( in order to stop pumping at work) but she still nursed for the morning and night feeds. At 10 months we went on a romantic weekend and after that she refused the breast - she weaned herself! (This was followed at 11 months refusing the bottle and taking to her formula in a sippy cup - also initiated by herself)

2. I am still breastfeeding The Boys and pumping at work. Sometimes I have to supplement with formula added to the EBM.

3. I tandem fed The Boys until they became too tall to do football hold at about 4 months.

4. I plan to continue breastfeeding them at least until the end of winter - around September and their first birthday.

5. And yes, they are starting to bite me - especially C. I give a stern "No!" in an angry voice and it really works. The only time that the bite actually broke the skin was the first and only time L bit me.

So what about doing your own "5 Things Friday"? And letting me know if you do it.

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  1. what a neat idea. I will have to think of 5 things and then get back to you!

  2. I joined in on the fun :)

    Logan has bitten me twice - never punctured skin though - OUCH!

  3. Hey! it's nice to "meet" you! Great job keeping up the bf for so long!

  4. That "No!" worked for us too!
    Sarah did it once, and that was all it took. (Actually, I think I said an unexpected "OUch!" but to her infant ears it had the intonation of "No!")

    We were tandem football holders too...for the whole first year...they ended up "putting their legs up" the headboard like little letter "L's!"

    What a great post and fun Friday idea. That pic of "Little Miss A" on your sidebar is oozing with charm, by the way!

  5. Ok, I will do it next Friday! Please remind me if you don't see me doing it. LOL (sometimes I need a swift kick! haha)

    What a great idea!
    I am so impressed with mommies that BF twins! You are a ROCK STAR!
    :) Debi


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