Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I am not her friend anymore.

That's now The Little Miss's friend. Her school has a strict rule that no toys from home are allowed apart from "show and tell" days. So, when she refused to let go of her Cabbage patch kid in her carrycot this morning, mommy pried the fingers open and forcefully removed said doll and carrycot. To hear the phrase" You are not my friend anymore". Like a knife in the heart I say.

So, with hysterical kid in tow, I arrived at school, just to be told that yes, they are allowed to bring their dolls for this week (all the girls are) as due to the winter holidays there are only 28 kids and 10 teachers so they can keep an eye on the toys. This was told to my mom who picked her up at school yesterday - and who did not care to convey the message when we had a chat on the phone last night. And I am feeling like worst mommy in the world ever! This will teach me to believe my daughter sometimes. So, I drove back home, fetched doll and carrycot and am hopefully forgiven. Maybe she will be my friend again.


  1. I went through something very similar with my daughter at pre-school this past year! Once she was home, she had forgotten about it, and once again I was her favorite mommy ever!!

  2. oh I am not looking forward to these times with my daughter. I know they will come...I believe it's called "payback" for when I'm sure I said such things to my own mom...

    I feel your pain! And it just goes to show how much of a good mommy you are for going back and getting the toys! :)

  3. Being a teacher I know the nightmare toys can create when little fingers don't keep to themselves and rules made for  their protection. It is all a bit hard to keep track of with messages sometimes. Glad it all worked out in the end.


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