Thursday, 13 January 2011

First day at school 2011

So yesterday was the first day of school for most kids here in South Africa. We had 3 kids going to 2 new schools. The picture above is just an absolute description of what happened on the day. (taken in the afternoon - the morning's pictures was a total mess)

The Princess had a great day - she loves her new school, her teacher and made a friend.
Little man C had a great day - he made a friend in the first 5 minutes and ran off to play... to leave his twin alone. L cried for 2 hours, after which the school asked me to send his nanny over. So Lucy spent half the day there and the Princess the afternoon with him. This morning it was much the same - heaps of crying.

In hindsight, I made a mistake not to just keep them at school last year after they spent the 2 days there. But I do know that he will stop crying, that he will start liking it there. It is just going to take time. And it is so hard for me to see this. My consolation is that he is possibly at the best place to handle this - the school has been wonderful - flexible and supportive. Allowing Lucy there, and the Princess in the afternoon - even giving them lunch. For that I am so grateful.


  1. That is such a pretty photo.

  2. :( it shouldn't take him longer than 2 weeks to settle in

  3. Shame! That is terrible when they are so unhappy! (I can just imagine how difficult it must be on you!)
    I hope it gets better very soon!
    Glad they are handling it so well at school!

  4. What a fabulous picture! I hope his days improve.

  5. @jeanette, two weeks? I will go bonkers!

    Cat, I need to write about our daycare disaster.... but L is like Connor - poor things.

    ON the bright side, the other two look SO happy.

    Why is A in a new school? Were you not happy at the old school?

  6. It will definitely get better, it always does with a little routine. Good luck!

  7. It is such a hard transition for everyone!

  8. Shame man...I hope it goes better soon.

  9. Oh my heart goes out to him and to you. Change is hard but how blessed is he to have his bro, his nanny and big sis there to help him through. Sending you hugs and prayers today.

  10. @Jeanette - gosh, I hope it will be sooner.
    @Marcia - no we love her old school and it is where the boys are now, but we made a decision based on her particular circumstances - read here:
    It also means that she will automatically get a place in the big school and go there with friends.

  11. Motherhood is not for sissies!
    That's for sure.
    Here's the bad part: it stays that way even when your kids are grown up.
    Momhood is hardwired into us for the duration.

    You are smart to look past the
    sad- making-ness of your small one's struggles to settle down, and reassure yourself that its temporary.
    You have a beautiful family, Cat!
    And the pics are lovely

  12. So glad that 2 out of 3 did so well and hopefully time will help L settle in. I rarely make it more than 1 morning a week w/o one of my 3 crying as I walk out the door from daycare/preschool. Most days its Adam but Sarah has her share of days, too. Thankfully I can usually count on Jacob to be good to go. Whew!

  13. Zander is not happy at school this year either. Let's hope it gets better for our to boys


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