Friday, 4 July 2008

End of June weekend

So, before we hit this weekend, I should probably talk a bit about last weekend. My FIL and MIL were visiting, much to the children's delight. A and I went to pick up Grandpa Curry Buck ( as she calls him - the curry we can explain as he often cooks curry, the buck part is a complete mystery) at the airport. She was on her best behaviour and gave him the welcome I am sure he longed for. Both arms tightly around his neck , a full juicy embrace. We all spend some quality time together, eating, chatting, etc. until they had to leave for the airport by 4 the afternoon. Well, they're off now to meet their newest little granddaughter in Dubai - we will see them again in two weeks time.

And off course, The Boys turned 9 months on the 25th - we waited until Saturday for Grandpa to arrive to celebrate. From left, Oumie (Grammy) - my mom with C, Oups (Grandpa) with the 9 months cake and Ouma Annie (Grandma Annie) with L.


  1. 9 months.. Uh-Oh.. Getting closer to the ages where they are faster than the speed of light, and into everything and then some (if they aren't already).. I can only assume that two getting into things is worse than only having 1 to get into everything.. (Especially if they are into two different things at once.) My son was very impressed with the pictures of the sleeping twins.. He thought it was the coolest most amazing thing that you got TWO babies at once..

  2. What cute pictures! (I'm just catching up with Debi's baby picture posters...) Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'll be lurking on yours to compare things across nations! :) Your twins are just a bit younger than my 3rd little guy.

  3. How lovely that the kids got to spend some time with their grandparents!
    The pictures are just adorable!
    Love Little man C's new trick!!! Too cute!

  4. It's wonderful that the kids have so many grandparents -- and they look so young too! They must be great fun.

  5. How sweet that you had a 9 months cake. You are such a great mum to think of that. So glad you had a fabulous time with your in-laws.

  6. We actually have a cake with candles every month untill the kids turn 1. We take a picture and I file them all in order in their photo albums - easy way to see them cahnge and grow and lots of fun for older siblings who get the chance to blow the cadles every month. And yes, my in-laws look great - they are both 62 where my mon is a full 11 years older.


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