Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I've survived!

Referring now to my 5 days alone with the kids while H was away hunting. I knew that the weekdays should be ok - the nights will probably be rough. It was the weekend that I was really worried about. And you know what, it all turned out fine.

Friday night I got an sms (I think you guys call it a text) from our good friends Stefaan and Ilse, asking if A would like to go to a puppet show with her friend Emma. Off course, I jumped at the chance and after an initial 2 hour date, it grew to a day long playdate. (Everybody slept right through on Friday night as well! Good kids!) Which left me and The Boys to do a run to the shops and have a nice quiet late breakfast at Cafe Paradiso where I could read a bit of Jodi Picault and The Boys could watch the ducks. Back at home they had a nice long nap and the Puppies and I had a quick game of catch in the driveway. All went fine, peaceful and quiet.

Until the night - I had The Little Miss waking and crying 3 times during the night - this NEVER happens - I think she missed her daddy, L waking up twice and taking an hour to settle down around 2 am. And puppy B having the jitter guts at 1 am, me posting The Puppies outside in the cold (they do have a nice warm kennel), and cleaning the bathroom with antiseptic . I think I totalled a 2 hour uninterrupted stretch from about 4 to 6. The rest, well, hugely interrupted and very cold running around the house in the wee hours of the morning.

My mom called early on Sunday morning to invite us over for lunch with one of her friends, a lovely lady and one of A's favourite people. So we spend the whole day there with some much appreciated help. Great stuff. Came home about 2 hours before H arrived - just around bath time.

Oh, it was so great to see him again - looking all handsome with a bit of sunburn on his face and a huge smile. I know it was tough, but it was so great that I could give him the chance to have a break with his old buddies. I know that in some way he will reciprocate.


  1. glad it went so well for you

  2. Congrats on surviving!!! 5 days... Sometimes it's 11 am on monday, and I'm calling my hubby to see if he's on his way home, because I'm ready to sign over custody.. Maybe he'll reciprocate by taking the kids with him for 5 days next time.. lol.. (well.. One could dream, and I admit it, I dream about that a lot!!)

  3. yeah for you!! that is awesome. the longest I have been a single parent is 48 hours, I don't know how you lasted 5 day.

  4. Well written article.


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