Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A night out, a princess party and a goodbye.

That about sums up our weekend, apart from the 4 trips to 2 pharmacies to try and get the prescribed adrenaline for little man L over a public holiday, Saturday. But that is another, very frustrating story which I would rather not share.

We were planning to go out on Friday night before the Little man L fell sick, and had the nanny lined up for it . He did so well after the fever suppository that we made the decision to go out for a quick dinner - I think all in all we were gone for 2 hours during which the kiddos slept. And can you believe it - the fever never returned! We had a lovely seafood platter for two at Ocean Basket - a well loved chain of seafood restaurants and coffee after wards at the Seattle coffee shop in our favorite booksellers, Exclusive Books. We used to spend hours there BK (before kids) and it is still one of our best treats - you basically take the books you want to browse through and sit at the coffee shop enjoying your coffee, while listening to a 2 man band singing John Mayer songs. Bliss!

On Saturday morning the kiddos had The Little Miss' friend Jeannedre's 4 th birthday party, a princess party. The invites were absolutely gorgeous! Little crowns with glitter and jewels. I convinced The Little Miss to wear a new outfit bought at the Woolworths sale (a big event for mommy every year - I buy clothes for the kids for the next season.) Woollies is our best kiddies clothes chain store and the quality is great. Their basics are well priced but the fancier outfits, such as this one and her well photographed favorite is quite pricey. On the sale - half price!

She loved the fairy wands in the party packs - made out of sherbet sticks, cardboard and ribbon.

The Little Miss as Aurora (I think) and enjoying the trampoline.

Little man L took a short nap and enjoyed playing on the blanket for the rest of the party. Little man C had no idea there was a party at all - he slept through the whole occasion.

As always the ball pit was fun and The Little miss and the Bday girl enjoying the jumping castle.

The daddies enjoyed a beer and played with the babies while the moms kept an eye over the older kids.

We helped our friends to tidy up and while the grown ups were busy with that, the girls ironed away on the Bday girl's two new ironing boards. Gosh, are we stereotyping our girls or what!

The afternoon our bud Stefaan and his two girl came over to watch some Springbok rugby ( we demolished Argentina - yeah! We are the world champions after all). His little Anik spent the afternoon napping on dad's lap while The Little Miss and Emma played the day away. We hardly knew there were two older girls around.

As you are probably aware off, we are losing a lot of young South African due to emigration. On Sunday we said goodbye to cousin Alida and her kids (and the only other pair of twins in the family) - her hubby Marius is already in Belgium and they are following on Friday. We did not always see eye to eye, but have grown fonder of each other in the last few years. I am sorry to see her go, but we will keep touch thanks to the computer, off course. All and all we were 4 aunts and one uncle, 4 cousins, and the kids.

Cousin Gerrit and little Simon - he is exactly one day short of a year older than The Little Miss.

Cousin Gerrit, H, Andrea (cousin Alida's daughter) and Alida playing with The Boys. In the background, her 20 year old twins. It was so incredible getting some first hand info from them and their mom about being a twin and growing up as one of a pair of twins. They had lots of advice which we will take to heart - for instance, do not always say " L & C", sometimes do "C & L". Be careful of stressing birth order. Never address them as "you two" or " the twins" - focus on individuality. And buy them the same outfits that they have the same choices, but do not dress them exactly alike always. Or at least give them the choice when they reach the appropriate age.

The older generation had time to catch up on all the family news.

And we had such help with the kiddos from Andrea - she was constantly busy with one of the kids. Little man C fell asleep in her arms, Little man L had his lunch fed by her...

And she and The Little Miss had great fun, amongst other things, hunting for faeries in the garden. Girls will be girls.


  1. Whew! I'm've had a couple very busy days...It looks like everyone had fun with no meltdowns, no?!
    I'm glad you enjoyed family, friends,and each other!!!

  2. Oh, what good times, and what a beautiful family.


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