Monday, 7 March 2011

A word or two and a hunderd pictures by Ballet Mom

So this weekend was my first real experience being Ballet Mom, a variant of Soccer Mom, Gymnastics Mom or the such. The Princess had 4 shows over the weekend and with the theater being far from our home, one ends up living in the theater for two afternoons and evenings with a packed picnic to fill the ballerina tummies. The show was based on the movies and was brilliantly put together as the dancing school not only presents ballet but also modern dancing, Spanish dancing, hip-hop and ballroom. What really was the best moment of the show was a classical ballet show with Michael Jackson's "The way you make me feel" as the music. Ok, no, the highlight was of course our Princess as one of the "Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses".

I have also learned that any self respecting Ballet Mom knows:
  • That La Pebras gel can whip any hairstyle into a ballerina bun
  • Good hairspray still works best to keep that bun in place in conjunction with a hair net.
  • You can not have enough hairpins, extra pairs of tights or extra hairnets
  • A sowing kit by chance in my bag saved us from 3 costume failures.
  • Even if there are professional make-up artists,there will be a make up failure somewhere in the troupe.
  • Not many woman have true red lipstick in their handbags - I was the only one in 12 moms. The rest have pink or orange or brown.
  • You can never have enough make-up glitter on a 6 year old.
  • You can keep 12 6 year olds busy with a bag of crayons and scrap office paper for hours.
  • But if you start to read a story out loud all creativity will be abandoned.
  • One in 12 ballerinas will need to go to the bathroom after being dressed despite taking all to the bathroom before dressing them.
  • And because they are not allowed to eat while in costume they will mysteriously get very hungry just before going on stage.
  • Even 6 year olds get a serious adrenaline rush before going on stage.
And a always, the story in pictures:

Stretching backstage with the big girls.
Our successful first concert Makes my Monday.
Playing along with Cheryl.


    1. All my memories of a dance teacher with my own dance school and a mom of girls who danced at other studio's you captured in this entry.
      Brought a smile to my face as all the memories came flooding back...
      That RED lipstick!!! oh thats the one needed.
      Your Princess made a beautiful ballerina...

    2. Wow! I should bookmark this list of yours! It seems you picked up a few pointers! :D
      Stunning stunning photos. They really looked so pretty!

    3. Oh Cat----what a wondrous weekend it must have been! Going to call She-Twin over to see the festive photos, as she's wanted to take up ballet, and I think this may cinch it! :)

      What a wonderful Monday Maker...thank you so much for playing along!

    4. what a beauty!!!! wow! I do hope you'll post more of her doing the actual dances. My sweet girl can NOT wait for dance next fall. she asks at least once a week how much longer until she can start dance class!

    5. What a special weekend - she looked so lovely all dressed up.

    6. This is the kind of weekend that make good memories. The photo's are lovely as is your little princess!

    7. Just to precious for words. Little girls and ballerinas. a match made in heaven. :-)

    8. So sweet. Embrace it while you can. She is gorgeous.


      I may just have to print out the list and keep it handy ;)

    9. I'm way impressed at the red lipstick!! I would struggle to even find lipice in my handbag! :)
      Aaah love ballet concerts

    10. You've recorded that ballet concert beautifully. Believe me when I say I know how much ballet takes over your life for those concert weekends! But the girls love it so much it's worth it in the end. Beautiful girls, costumes and photos!

    11. Oh how adorable!
      I can't wait until Emma is ready to start...
      can't believe you're the only one with red lipstick!

    12. Love the photos. My own ballet memories also came rushing back. That gel is great at keeping a bun up. It's like wallpaper glue.

    13. OH WOW, my memories came flooding back - La Pebras, hair nets, red lipstick, make-up (hmm, maybe that's why I don't like it now? Had it for 13 years!!!)

      She is beautiful............. I love the pic of the two of you :)

    14. Oh wow your little princess looked gorgeous. Such lovely photos.

    15. beautiful!!! makes me miss the days of dance when I was younger!

    16. These are so lovely and she is such a lovely girl!


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