Monday, 25 August 2008

Stop the clock - it is all going way too fast.

I can not believe that The Boys are 11 months old today! (I better start planning a little celebration).

I can not believe that a year ago I started with my last week at work before my maternity leave! (I'll save you making the sum - I worked until I was 34 weeks pregnant)

I can not believe this is our last "Monthday celebration"( I will miss the once a month cake - but better for weight)

And I can not believe that my last babies are so big.

Oh yes, and I quit. No, not work. Pumping at work. I've had it with the breastpump - I have a great pump (Medela pump in style), but I've had enough. I feel completely liberated!Now I have to watch out what I eat. I will continue breastfeeding in the mornings and evenings, but daytime now is formula time. And I will not feel guilty about this. Repeat to self: "I will not feel guilty about this" until I believe myself.

Oh, and did I mention that it is definitely spring in SA! Yes, we've been having days with 27 degrees Celsius and blossoms everywhere. One of these days I am going to bore you all with our lovely summer weather and you will all be feeling a wee bit colder than now.


  1. I wish them..the first birthday celebration is never again in human being life.. its great momentable pic..

  2. Oh what a great family photo. It is so true they just grow up too fast. I look at my babies and I can't believe that they are 14 months and starting to talk to me. Where does the time go.

  3. I stumbled onto your blog today. I relate to children growing faster than you want them too. Time really does fly when your having fun. (and sleep deprived) Happy Birthday to your almost 1 Year Old Twins.

  4. Happy 11 months!!! I am starting the plan for our little celebration for the twins too.

    I gave up on the pumping over Easter. I gave it 5 months...and I was exhausted. Pumping every 4 hours, being up with the babies, freezing, storing, sanitizing....ugh...I had enough.

    I did find that lining my bra with cabage leaves helped ALOT witht eh engorgement. I thought my girlfriend was crazy when she told me, but it works!!!!

  5. You've been tagged...check out my blog!!

  6. congratulations on breast feeing and pumping at work for so long. It is a wonderful feat and there is no way you should feel one ounce of guilt. I think its mavelous that you stuck it out for so long.

    ... and 11 months! It's pretty amazing isn't it?


    ps thanks for your comment of support. i appreciate it and am sure all will come out well in the end. but thank you, sincerely thank you.

  7. I checked out your's so funny that our #2 was the same. And, that it was both the second thing we thought of!! Have a good day :)!!

  8. it's crazy how fast the first year goes by!! They do look really big compared to that picture on your side bar. ADORABLE!!!

  9. How cool is that you celebrate their monthly birthdays!!! What a great Mommy!!
    You should be so proud of yourself for nursing TWINS for so long; don't be so hard on yourself for implementing formula feeding during the day!

  10. Happy 11 months beautiful boys!

    Well done breastfeeding for so long! No need to feel guilty about bottles during the day. You are a rock star!!!

    Yeah to spring! We are heading into fall....


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