Monday, 1 September 2008

Mamma Mia! I just can not stop singing old ABBA songs.

Saw the movie on Friday night. Yes, that explains everything. All on my own - loved it.

We had the nanny to babysit for Friday night but H had a crises at work and had to work late. So I made a quick decision to just go and see if I can get a single ticket for Mamma Mia and go and see it on my own - no time to try and find a friend. The movie started in South Africa on Thursday so the theatres were very full. But I got the last empty seat in the house - 4 rows from the front, and had a blast! I really can not remember when last I've enjoyed a movie this much. I am after all a 70s and 80s child.

What added to the fun was doing it on my own, at 8 in the evening on a Friday night - date night! I bought the chocolates I like, not what H generally buys and we both sort of like, I bought the cooldrink I like most and not our compromise drink that we both sort -of like (we share) and sprinkled the seasoning I like on my popcorn (plain salt). I had my very own kiddies combo.I laughed as loud as I liked, didn't care a hoot who thought what of me. FUN in capital letters!

After the movie I met up with the dear hubby who took me out for a quick dinner and I irritated him to bits as I just could not stop talking about the movie, humming or whistling ABBA songs. In short, I have to take him to see it as well and I definitely have to own the DVD once it is released. And if you haven't seen it, girl, it's the best fun on the big screen since "My big fat Greek wedding".


  1. How fantastic! I have heard such wonderful things about that movie! Glad you had such a great time!!!

  2. Now I am humming to myself.

    Why do all their songs have to be so darn catchy????

  3. That does sound like fun! I must be living in a cave. I didn't even know about the movie. That isn't saying much though. I don't get to see much TV if it's not animated.

  4. I totally want to see this movie.

  5. I'm so jealous! I *LOVED* the broadway show, but haven't had the time to see the movie yet. I've heard all good things though :)

  6. Wasn't it fabulous?! It sounds like the fun atmosphere you created for yourself made it even better!

  7. I've done the very same thing before. Going to the movies on your own is quite liberating. More of us should do it. Great post -- might just give me the gumption to set up my own little date night.

    Have you ever seen Muriel's Wedding? I think you'd enjoy it. Lots of ABBA music and just plain old good, honest movie.

  8. Loved it in England and Vegas on stage as well as on the the big screen. I must say though, I'll NEVER look at Pierce Brosnan AKA 007 the same way again.

    I agree with KJ I also enjoyed Muriel's Wedding for the music if nothing else.


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