Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday 22 January

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Carrie

So this is owing up to a long promised market post way back in November about the Biscuit Mill market we visited in Cape Town in November. My previous market posts about the Pretoria farmers market and the Irene village market were very well received, so without further ado:

Anti pasto for breakfast?

Yummy biscuits

and some,


I can tell you those croissants were delicious.

So many types of mushrooms.

Cupcakes and home made ginger beer.

Organically grown.

Flowers galore.

Olives anyone?

To enjoy with your Grolsch.

Mini plaatkoekjes (or pancakes for the Americans) served with icing sugar and butter.

Juicy berries - some I have never seen before.

And the South African favorite - oysters and

champagne (ok Cape classic brut )

Mommy's Idea
I am just loving Friday fragments - have all sorts of stupid random things happening in my mind.

1. We are using so much milk - almost 2 liters a day now that the boys are also drinking whole milk. I wonder how much milk a family with 9 kids use?

2. If you are one of my 5 South African readers, Woollies has a great special on milk - 2 x 2liters for a great price.

3. Although it has been cloudy and rainy all week, I am still not tired of this weather. But I do wish for better light for my photographs.

4. It seems we are having some sort of success with the going to bed on our own and sleeping thing- sleeping through most nights but wake up time is 5 am! Now with the cloudy weather, I am getting another 20 to 30 minutes of grace with this waking up time - maybe that explains item 3.

5. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my Wednesday post - I am not going riding tomorrow - I am giving my body and soul another week to recover, but next Saturday, it's back into the saddle. I did do two rounds right after the fall, so I should be ok.

6. I watched the first episode of Grey's anatomy series 6 last night which I recorded on Monday - my, how emotional. I am liking Meredith less and less and Callie more and more.The way Dr Bailey (Miranda is my favorite character) asked where each of George's organs goes, just gripped my heart.

7. Also watched the first episode of the new series of The Mentalist series 2 - what a great series. Patrick Jane must be one of the most original characters ever created (and my is Simon a hunk).

8. This is a whole lot of TV for someone who does not watch much!

9. Does anybody out there know how long it takes for your body to recover after two years of sleep deprivation? We have been in good sleeping patterns for a couple of months now and I am dead tired - all the time. Having my thyroid checked out in case it is that.


  1. That food looks amazing!

    And about the sleep thing, I am wondering the same thing.

  2. Well our family of ten would have almost seven liters a day. Hope that answers at least one of your questions!

  3. Now look what have you gone and mouth is watering after all those yummy pics.

    I also enjoyed Grey's on Monday and was touched by Miranda wanting to know who is going to get George's glad Izzie is not dead:)

  4. That looks fantastic! You can just drop me off and pick me up at the end of the day! Wow!

  5. Oh my gosh!! That is paradise!!

  6. Wow, what fantastic shots of all the fabulous looking food. It would be hard to decide what to eat. :)

  7. Wow..those pictures..mouth
    .. does get better..but worse first. I dislike Callie..never been a favourite of mine. Love Meredith...I think we are half way through the series already....
    every Thursday I get together with my neighbour to watch Grey's..

  8. I would struggle with over eating if I went to that market, food looks so so good.
    Great photo's of the stalls...felt like I was there.
    Greys only started here last night, have it recorded as hubby watches and he was away in France.

  9. This was a very cruel post. I've been on diet for nearly 2 weeks and I am sitting salivating at the market goodies, oh my word.

    I think I am going to steal your Friday Fragments idea, i like it.

  10. Those photos and that spread are amazing! Oh my, I wish I was there.

    I think I am the only one alive who doesn't quite "get" the show "The Mentalist". I'm glad you and half a bazillion other people are liking it; I could just not seem to warm up to it.

  11. Heh. I'm going on 12 years of sleep deprivation (kids and illness). I figure if I can put words together in a sentence somedays I'm good. :)

    ANd. I wasn't hungry. And now I am starving!!! Yeesh! You have a knack for food photography my friend!!!

  12. Now I'm hungry after all those yummy market food shots! :)

    Hang in there with Grey's - it does get better. And I LOVE The Mentalist - Simon is a hunk, isn't he? :) I DVR'd last night's episode, so hubby and I will be watching later tonight. It's one of the few shows he'll sit and watch with me. :)

  13. YUMMY! Those pictures made my stomach growl!

  14. Looks like a fun place to visit. My husband was drooling over the mushrooms.... blech :P

  15. mouth was watering looking through all those photos! Makes me want to head to our farmer's market...but not much there until summer again!

    I love Grey's Anatomy, too...just watched last night's episode. (are you a season behind us here in the US?)

  16. Oh that food looks so yummy! I love open air markets!

  17. Lovely market, definitely worth visiting!

    I am such a fan of the farmer's market and the Irene Market!

    I <3 Markets and so does my kid!

  18. That market looks fabulous!! Mmmm especially the desserts!

  19. That market looks amazing! So jealous. Wish we had something like that where I live...I might just eat a little healthier!

  20. That sounds like that question was for me.... we use 1 gallon a day for the big kids and a half gallon a day for the little ones. (they are on special milk). So, totaled...apx 7 liters a day. (depending on if you use UK measurements or US measurements for liters. LOL)

    that market looks FABULOUS!!!! OH.MY.GOSH!

  21. I am jealous of the food and drink at the market!!! Those pictures look good enough to eat!! Oh, the flowers...they too were gorgeous!!! have to explain why you are behind in Grey's! I love that show, but it seems that you are behind? Is the schedule different??? Let's discuss!

  22. I cannot imagine how much it would stink to not feel rested; sorry you're going through that. I was going to recommend the thyroid check, but you beat me to it! :)

    Your pics are amazing! Have you thought about making a mosaic-thingy at That would be gorgeous.

    I'm one of nine kids, but I don't remember how much milk we drank; only that my mom bought powdered and nasty, haha.


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