Friday, 3 October 2008

5 Things Friday...

So as not to completely skip another weekend, 5 fun things we did on Granny Annie's last weekend with us .

1. We made homemade pizza on Friday night and Granny and The Little Miss had heaps of fun slapping it together. We had faces, animals etc on our pizzas!

2. Granny and I took The Little Miss to her swimming lesson - she is starting to gain strength in the water and for it was great for Granny who never has the chance to experience this.

3. We went to our local multiples club's get together at the National Botanical gardens. I am still waiting for a photo of the whole group, but I think we were 9 sets of twins and one set of triplets.

Granny with The Boys in their "Special twins" outfits that she bought in Dubai. Little man C was irritated as we had to keep him from stumbling over smaller babies all the time. Little man L enjoyed the two 8 month girls' company.

The Little Miss with friends Nicole and Courtney.

4. The Little Miss and Gran took me to my horse riding on Saturday afternoon and she got the chance to get on the horse on her own. We led her once around the arena and she wanted more! She has a very nice little posture on the horse - there's my little dressage rider. Ugh, and I did not take the camera along. Bummer!

5. We did our "koppie" hike again. A "koppie" is a hill in SA lingo. This is about 3 km's ( 1,85 miles) from our home and we used to hike this every Sunday. It is a small nature conservancy in the city. It is quite a steep hike. Because of the winter etc, we have not taken The Boys up there yet, but H, A and the pups have been keeping it up almost without a fail.

At 23 weeks pregnant with The Boys, this was my last time on the "koppie". With A my last climb was at 31 weeks, just before I was ordered to take it slower.

On Sunday morning we hiked up again, each with a kid on our backs. It was lovely to accomplish this again - I thought I would not make it, being relatively unfit at present. But I did, more comfortable than I thought it would be. And see how dry it is at the moment? ( The green you see is sports fields - green all year round) We are anxiously awaiting our first Spring rains ( w live in a summer rainfall area) - last night we had thunder and lightning, but no rain. Tonight's looking good for rain at the moment. We are all sneezing through the proverbial clouds of dust and pollen in the driest time of the year.


  1. congrats on making it to the top! All the pictures are awesome!

    Granny Annie! That is what my kids called my grandmother! Love it!!

  2. Beautiful shots and what a fun weekend. I can't believe you hiked when you were that pregnant. WAY TO GO! I think I would have died.

  3. Wow! What a FANTASTIC view! WOW!
    Can't believe you took that hike at 23 weeks! HOLY! YOU ROCK!!!!

  4. granny's are just so special. my kids love all theirs.

  5. Beautiful pictures! What a lovely weekend. It sounds so much better than the house cleaning I did. Enjoy your coming warm weather. It snowed in the mountains around us this weekend. The cold is definately on it's way here.

  6. I'm so jealous of your camera abilities. Your pictures are always shot so well!

    And it sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

    Oh, and I left you something on my blog...


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