Friday, 10 October 2008

5 Things Friday...

Ok, so here I'll be spilling the beans about my little teaser yesterday. For today, 5 great things (and the sometimes not so great consequences) that happened this week:

1. Little man L took his first two tiny crawls at the Physio therapist on Tuesday! YES!!!!! I feel like our prayers are answered! God is great! The good news is that she does not need to see him again unless he is not fully crawling in a month's time. She is very very impressed with his progress. His next evaluation will be at 3 years. She also does not believe that here is something neurologically wrong with him. But she has advised us to still go to the Neurologist as the Paediatrician will then feel more comfortable. I value her opinion tremendously as she works with his body for half an hour at a time on a regular basis and am very relieved. She stresses that it is important to remember that he had a tummy bug when we were at the Paediatrician and that it could have influenced her opinion.

2. The Little Miss passed her very first dentist appointment with flying colours and she was not traumatised at all. Our dentist did a great job but I also prepared her beforehand. I am much relieved as I have huge dental issues which started at a very young age. More about that on another day.The crappy thing is that I caught her fingers in the door as we were leaving the office. Holy crap! Major meltdown! I am sure it was very very sore. The dental assistant quickly came with ice and we managed to stop the blood. It looked worse than it actually is and it seems as if there is no damage to the nails. I then bought a ballerina mouse that I gave her that night that the toothmouse (we don't have a toothfaerie here - we have a mouse) sent to her because she looks so well after her teeth - the dentist apparently emailed him! And that seemed to help a lot. Clever mommy me !

3. Little man C was awake the whole of Monday night - I suspected ear ache which the Paediatrician confirmed. The great news is that he immediately started sleeping through again - last time it took us more than a week to get him back into routine.

4. The ever so charming and delightful H have been selected by one of the trail guides to be second guide on a wilderness hiking trail in the Pilansberg National Park. This is great great news and one of his passions. He hasn't done one in 2 years due to the pregnancy and work. I am so happy for him! They see amazing things on these trails, sleep in the open in big 5 country etc. The downside, off course, is that I will be flying solo for a weekend. Ugh!

5, And we had a lovely stork tea for a work colleague today. His wife is expecting (38 weeks today) and we all put money in an envelope as they have already had two stork teas and a lot of clothes etc. They still need to buy a pram, so this should help a lot.

My kids gave this bear to his little boy and he had to swaddle the bear and hold him for the workday. Here he is at his work station practicing being daddy.

Most of the office with the dad. My partner had an emergency call out to a site, so missed it. In front with the dad is our now retired partner - remember I wrote about his second Bar Mitzvah. He retired 2 years ago at 81 but still comes to the office almost every day. The bad news is, we were just in time! He has just left the office - she will have a C section at 6 tonight - her placenta is starting to give. This is bad news because we have a major deadline Wednesday and it is his project! And in South Africa we have 3 days paternity leave upon the birth of your child - so we will have to do the job without him! But yes, you can not plan exactly when baby will come, can you?

And you may wonder if we have a secret society wearing light blue(3 of us today!). Our local rugby team , the Blue Bulls are playing in the Curry cup semi final tomorrow. Major sports event. I am wearing the team jersey but half of Pretoria is dressed in light blue today.


  1. very nice! hahahahaha

  2. Look how happy the new daddy looks!! What a huge smile on his face :)

    And GO Little man L!! That's awesome.

    Hope The Little Miss' fingers feel better, and Little man C feels better now too.

  3. What a week! Glad the dentist went well. Sorry to hear about the finger. Hope it heals quick w/o losing the nail. Fun shower I'll have to talk to you if I ever host another shower. Also, yeah news that the little one is developing "normally." I am not sure what "normal" is these days but I'm thrilled he is healthy and happy! Yes, God is great!

  4. That is so awesome. Praise God! I am so happy for your little guy.

  5. I had to comment on the 'stork tea'. I have never heard it called that before and I am assuming it's the same thing as we call a 'baby shower' (very cute name for it)


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