Monday, 24 November 2008

Crazy times!

Let me try to explain why I am so quiet at present. Well, in South Africa everything comes to an end at the end of the calender year. The schools close for our long summer holidays, the building and industrial sectors close for a month for the summer holidays. And yes, we also have Christmas. This off course means that we have a hectic social and work calender at present. I have 3 projects finishing, and am spending days on end on building sites in extreme heat. And I am tired, really tired. This year had been way too long.

Off course, socially it is heating up to being very very busy. So much so that until the end of our work year, our weekends are packed. And some weeknights as well - there are Christmas functions, end of project functions etc.

So please do not feel affronted that I am not visiting or commenting - I promise I will catch up. And ditto for publishing posts - I am really doing the best I can. Love and light to you all.


  1. Just think though, soon you will have a wonderful break!

    Hang in there!

  2. good luck with all of the work and enjoy all of the socializing! looking forward to seeing more of you when things settle :)

  3. So fun to think of having Christmas when it's so hot outside. I will be here when you have time to chat. Enjoy your down time and even though it sounds like it's crazy busy.

  4. I wish you all the best through your 'busy' season.


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