Thursday, 6 November 2008

A discovery that wil change the way parents think about television.

Check out these little guys below - they are completely mesmirized. Is it Barney? No, The Boys have absolutely no interest in Barney. Is it Baby Einstein? Nope - that only keeps them busy for about 5 minutes. Noddy? Nope.

It's Andre Rieu in Wunderland!
Barney and Pavlov has been dethroned by a funny looking Dutchman with a ugly hairstyle and freeky white frilly shirts playing a violin!
After my mom noticed that The Little Miss was busy watching another Andre Rieu DVD with her, she bought her this one - featuring faeries, dwarfes, princesses etc. And now The Boys are hooked! They LOVE it! They sit for a whole half an hour and then some. And the best - they get to listen to all the very nice brain developing music - the Mozart effect for free! This is a huge discovery in parenting I think! We waltz, clap and sing along. Great fun.
And if you do not know who Andre Rieu is - he is a conductor who decided to make classical music more accessable to the masses creating spectacular concerts. Worth checking out this one for the little people in our life.


  1. Wow! A great idea for a Christmas present! My mom loves Andre Rieu too. And since the boys love music, this will probabally a good dvd for them! Thanks for the idea!

  2. they def. look mesmirized!! lol

  3. Very interesting indeed! Thanks for sharing this info I'll keep my eyes and ears open. Maybe he'll come this way for a tour. Yaya loves music too.

  4. I'll give anything a try for some "quiet time" around here, thanks for the tip!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, they're such cuties :) definitely enjoying the TV there! Might have to look that up to get some quiet around my house ;)

  6. What an awesome DVD! I have 3 kids who play string instruments! I bet they would all LOVE this!!!

  7. That is HILARIOUS! I have to girls are definitely more excited about barney..they yell bar-NEY all day long.

    I need something new for them..and for ME! :)

    thanks for sharing


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