Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My little Braveheart.

Oh gosh guys, my heart is aching so much for my Little man L. Why does everything that goes wrong have to be with him? I wish I could give him a break but true to his personality he is taking it all in his stride.

We had him at a Strabism Eye specialist yesterday as the Paediatrician suspected that he has a "lazy eye" due to his low muscle tone. It turns out he has many more problems than just that. His one eye is -6 - guys, the glasses for that is like a coke bottle bottom. He had us looking through it to see how much he can actually see with that eye - like nothing! Just a blur of colour. His other eye is perfect. He also has the "sleeves" that cover the nerves to the retina growing over the retina and blocking about a third of the retina. This is the opposite of what happens to Hipotonic children - their "sleeves" stop too short and have to grow. We now have to take him to a retina specialist to confirm this. The course of action is glasses - they can only correct to a -3 as the correction is too big and the glasses will be too heavy for him. He will then be monitored to see if there is any improvement as well as if the nerves grow into the sleeves or they recede.

I will know more on Friday, but for now the challenge is to get a 15 month old to wear glasses and to stop his twin brother from pulling them off. As preparation while his glasses are being made, we are all wearing our glasses at home to show him that it is pretty normal to wear glasses. When he is older he will be able to wear one contact lens, but the doctor can really not predict what will happen in future. At least we know he has one good eye!

If I can once more ask your prayers for God to heal his eye, to rectify the retina. I know that a lot of children are dying and very sick (please continue praying for little Tuesday as I am), blind etc, but I also know that God in His grace can heal in infinite grace. Thanks for your love and support!


  1. Oh Cat! So sorry to hear about the latest hurdle. Poor lil guy! Good luck with the upcoming Dr visits and journey into glasses with L.

  2. we will keep him in our prayers.

    I cannot imagine what it must be like to have to try to keep glasses on the little guy. Yikes.

    we'll be thinking of you....

  3. Oh Cat! I am so sad. Reading this, I can just feel your heart break.
    Little Man L will be ok. You trust in God and He will heal your son, or the very least, He will make it easier for your little one.
    I will certainly be saying lots of prayers for your sweetie.

  4. Oh dear. Poor little man. I'll be thinking good thoughts that his eyesight improves as he grows.

  5. Oh Sweetie, that is so hard to hear. My Son has a condition called Peter's Anomaly. He sees very little out of one eye, even though he has had three cornea transplants. The first of which when he was a whopping 5 lbs. and 9 days old. Keeping the glasses on is tricky. We have yet to master that one, yet we still try. They are so important, if nothing else to protect the "good" eye from all the things little boys find to get into. You and your little one are in my prayers.

  6. This is my first visit but I will put your sweet family on my prayer list. Let us know what happens.

  7. Poor guy, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers

  8. Oh Cat! Your poor little guy!!! You're in my thoughts *hug*

  9. I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Keeping Little Man L in my prayers, for sure.

  10. i know it is hard to hear anything is "wrong" with your child but have faith that it will not deter him from being a sweet and wonderful boy that will thrive regardless.

    my daughter is deaf in one ear -- something she was born with. like your son, it is not something that can be "fixed" and is something we have to monitor as she grows so i can relate to your concerns on some level.

    at first my daughtes future was a big unknown but she is now five years old is an advanced reader (two years ahead of her peers) has no speech issues, good balance (as far as her genes allowed :-)), and is generally ahead of the curve in kindergarten.

    i can also tell you that i know of two people, two adults that grew up relying on one eye and have done exceedinlgy well and are actually quite proud of their "one eye" -- one of them acutally has a glass eye and i'd never have known if they didn't tell me.

    whatmore, you and your hubby are obviously very bright and compasionate indivduals which has so clearly been passed down in the gene pool to your daughter and no doubt your sons too. little man L will be fine. you will all be fine.
    i think your prayres have already been answered :-)


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