Saturday, 28 February 2009

Basket full of joy

So how do you keep 3 kids between 4 and 17 months busy for 1 and a half hours? Magic I hear you say? No, a huge basket full of Mega Bloks.
Filled to the brim
Digging for what you need.
Brotherly companionship.

Great fun.
The Little Miss got the basic bag of Mega Bloks from my MIL and FIL for her first Christmas. It was the only toy she played with for an entire holiday. Subsequently she received a ton of Mega Bloks toys for her birthday and the next Christmas and birthday as seriously, it was almost the only toys that she played with for longer than a few minutes. The regular readers will know that she has now progressed to the Duplo sized blocks and loves is. A budding architect perhaps?But she will still join in with her brothers or friends with the Mega Bloks.
In the basket (apart from the basic block bag) we have:The musical farm, a Winnie the pooh 4 seasons set, The Little Mermaid set, The Cinderella carriage set, Cinderella castle set,The alphabet train and several loose cars, animals etc. (where the original item we have is not available any more, I have linked to similar) All the Little Miss'. For Christmas The Boys got the Buildable City and the megablocks train and tracks. All together and in one basket- hours of fun. And a lovely toy to get out when friends come around as there is always enough to go around. Off course, the lounge is covered in blocks afterwards and a lot of "let's tidy up" gets sung while I attempt to get the kids to help with the process.
The single most played with item at present (and most fought after) - the musical farm - I swear it is the most played toy in our house. Excellent value for money if you ask me.


  1. mega blocks are a hit at our house as well. the little ones are just learning to build with them. though they far prefer to knock them over :)

  2. Cool, we love those blocks here too.

  3. My girls LOVE those blocks too! They will build and build all day long. I've found myself sitting on the floor with them for hours..building big stuff too! LOL!

  4. I keep thinking that I really need to buy some mega blocks. Whenever we go to the doctor or museums etc they always have them there and the kids love to play with them.

  5. What fun pictures of the kids playing.


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