Monday, 16 March 2009

Makes my Monday

I am playing along for the first time with Cheryl at Twinfatuation.

So what makes my Monday? My little girl's second pottery project (she is taking pottery as an extramural at the nursery school). She adores the pottery classes. And I love that she adores it, having been quite a serious potter in my BK (before kids) life. One day, some day, I will also potter again.

Do you know what also makes my Monday? Her spontanious "I love you Mommy and Daddy" last night as Dad brought her to our bed after a nightmare. Nearly broke my heart. Oh I love that little girl.


  1. A beautiful pottery project, how neat that she gets to do that in nursery school!

  2. What a little sweet-heart! I've also been meaning to tell you, she's one of those most beautiful little girls I have ever seen!!

  3. so special!!

    "I Love yous" are the best. Sarah will often say it back to me after I tell her...but the other day, she said it to me first, all by herself. It was just casual, sweet, in the middle of doing stickers with her...and so special! A moment I won't forget, for sure!

  4. oh how sweet is that??
    here via Makes my Monday, and that art project is adorable :)

  5. Oh Cat, this is such a laden with sweet sentiment post! It completely Makes My Monday!

    Thanks for playing along!


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