Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Life's eternal questions, or those I am asking at the moment.

Where does little girl hair clips and hair bands go to? Is there a very special Bermuda triangle just for them? I swear I bought a whole packet of both just 5 weeks ago. I have 3 bands and 2 clips left in school rules green. And I can find no more in the shops.

How does a whole ballet bag with shoes, leotard, socks, overshoes and tutu get lost, ok more likely stolen with no trace left? And why does neither Lucy nor my mom think it is not important enough to tell me that this happened for 5 days / when we needed it for Saturday's practice. And no, I am not taking blame away from the Princess, she has punished herself enough, but she did tell (2) adults that was with her the Monday  that did not care to tell me. Why then will the special satin ballet shoes that we bought for the exams and concert that I specifically took out of her bag in January and that I want her to use now be missing in our house. Yes, I am disorganized, but these were put somewhere where Lucy did a clean out. Then certainly she must know where they are? 

Why do we now have potty training regression once again? The vicious circle of holding in and constipation is with us , again. Sigh. At least he went at school yesterday. Huge relief for all, but why? I am tired of the 2 steps forward , one step back thing.  

Why are the kids so tired in the afternoon that they claim not to be able to do anything but the moment I do something ( like making dinner or such) they magically have enough energy to help , ahem, pest me? 

Why is the only kid not interested in doing OT homework in the afternoons the only one that is suppose to be doing it? I have given up trying to do it alone with L so we now do a group effort, just a pity L is the one not actually interested. Thank goodness the school have asked to do it there too - so at least some of it gets done. 

Why, on a night when you really have not time to get dinner done, are the kids extra irritated and all demand instant attention? Why then is the blue scissors/ little arb toy, Valentines button lost? And then you burn the food? 

And the most important at the moment: Why oh why did I buy those Toy Story shirts on sale for the boys? It's the first time I am confronted with the refusal to undress and have a shirt actually washed. Will I be the worst mother of the year and let them sleep in a shirt they wore the whole day and how do I actually get them to remove it the next morning ? Because believe be brutal force is the only option. Why does shirts not come with an autowash on the body option? Or why do I not make them disappear! Nope, wrong answer.  

So which questions are you asking today?


  1. We have a bermuda triangle of our own at home. It loves swallowing hair clips, one sock (not both mind you) and spoons.

    Are the Toy Story t-shirts still on sale? Maybe go buy another 2 pairs each then they can wear clean ones to bed at night?

  2. You sound like a normal mommy here with your questions...
    I have no idea....gone through my own and laughed reading this as know only too well, and now see my kids with their kids asking the same questions.
    when u find out the answers ~ share!!!!

  3. Oh dear, you did make me giggle with your post. Only thing I can say, they are children and have their own opinions;-) x

  4. I love this post!

    We also have a bermuda triangle for hair band/ ponytail things but also for puzzle pieces. And that leads me to one of the big questions in my life:

    why is it that putting together puzzles, etc. always falls to me? Apparently no one else in the house (least of all V) is concerned that puzzles actually have all their pieces!

    And its twin... why is it that after working with/ for me for 2 years 3 months V still doesn't know where anything goes in my house? BTW D thinks she's just messing with my mind!

  5. There is a bermuda triangle that swallows socks around here. I see the same thing with my grandkids...they also refuse to take off their favorite clothes. Too many questions here and not enough answers;-)

  6. I've given up on puzzles and game pieces. At one point we had a tote with various board game parts in it and the kids just created their own games since none were complete anymore.

    I swear I buy hair things at least 2x a month.

  7. I swear we buy hair things at least 2x a month!

  8. All good questions.

    I big question is why when 2 socks go in the wash, only 1 comes out? Where does the other go?

  9. We have a bermuda triangle for socks and teaspoons. Eish. I just can't win already!
    And puzzle pieces too!

  10. I do not have an answer ;-)

    Why does she not want to go to sleep when she skipped her nap in the afternoon?

  11. OMG!!! I ask these questions all the time too. The tiredness, the losing stuff, the miserableness... Those are all the 11 year old. And I do think right now that Tommy's constipation has to do with his not wanting to go in his diapers, so he's trying to figure out how to hold it in... Ugh!

  12. Our triangle eats clips but not hairbands...and puzzle pieces. Although recently I found out N likes to stash things. My dad found a cooldrink, a half eaten banana and two pladtic balls tucked into the hole where the white ball lives on their pool table and at our place she likes to hide the fridge magnets in my filing book rack (which explains why she's always unfiling my stuff to get it out again!).

  13. Hair clips and hair bands are my worst as well!!!!! I buy the cheapest ones I can find and some days Kiara wears pink or purple ones - I know its not the rules and all that but really today we have 10 and tomorrow NONE!!!

  14. If you win worst mommy for letting them wear the same shirt to sleep in then I am right there with you. Little OL is going through a phase where I am NOT allowed to do anything for her. This includes undressing or dressing her. Which would not be a problem if she could actually do it herself. So instead fo the huge kicking and screaming match carrying on for ages she will sometimes wear the same shirt to sleep in.

    I figured that less stress is good for us all, and she can shower with me in the morning. Happiness all around.


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