Monday, 30 March 2009

Oh gosh, and yes, life just happened!

And that is why I have been MIA since Wednesday.

A quick summary:
  • My cold turned very nasty on Tuesday afternoon and after a night of almost no sleep with Little man L I paid a visit to my friendly GP who booked me off for two days with Respiratory tract infection and general fatigue. I got a nice sore shot of live anti bodies which should boost my immune system. 2 more of those to follow. I literally slept for 2 days. I am still a little tired and coldish,
  • Little man C is now a confirmed allergy asthma sufferer and added as such by the medical aid for chronic medicine.His IGE count was 58 - more than twice of what confirms an allergy in a 2 year old (and he is off course only 18 months old.) A paediatric allergy profile was done for most foods and horse and dog hair and none has tested positive.
  • He will have to go to the allergy clinic for more tests as the levels are so extremely high. We can only do this if he is well enough to be taken off his meds for 48 hours.
  • I have been so busy purging, de- cluttering and tiding in the house, it is not even funny! But I have started to really really enjoy it - in fact, I gave up some of my time for taking a naps yesterday afternoon to complete my work in The Little Miss' room. Can this become my best addiction ever?
  • I am finished with tiding and listing the kids' clothes for this winter and buying most of what is needed. I am delighted that The Little Miss needs very little, and that I made some sale buys last year for The Boys.
  • And I am still holding with my fasting for Lent - I gave up salty snacks and am having a really hard time with it, especially when I am tired and /or sick. So last week was a real bummer.
  • I have book club with me tomorrow night and am quite anxious that my food etc. will be good. I am a good cook, but it is the first time I am hosting, so I am hoping for the best. Some of the girls are awesome cooks. I have decided to stay with Italian which I have some lessons years ago - doing pasta (I am still thinking if I will make my own tonight or buy homemade), Alfredo and seafood sauce, a nice salad and fresh Italian bread. I am thinking of serving meringue nests with Nutella and cream, topped with chocolate eggs for the Easter theme.
  • I am way behind on blog reading, but finished the twin book (check out my side bar) and will review asap. Suffice to say - a definite read for twin parents. I promise I will pop in at you blog soon.
Well, that is all for now - will try to catch up on some of the more pleasant stuff as the week goes on.


  1. wow, you have had a crazy week. hope all are 100% soon. i wish i had an organizing addiction...maybe if i started? i am having such a rough time getting going this year.

  2. "meringue nests with Nutella and cream, topped with chocolate eggs"
    These sound intruiging. Will you post photos if you make them?

    I'm an organizing addict. I can let things go for a while, but once I get in there and really start sorting through things I can happily be up until all hours.

  3. Hope everyone is on the mend, especially you, it's hard when "momma" is sick, really makes things hard!

    I love cleaning and organizing, it makes you feel so good when you complete a room or closet. But, sometimes I wish had just had a bit more energy. I know after #5 is born, I will be back at it with full gusto, I just LOVE a clean house (right now it's clean but it's killing me, I want to have that "positive attitude" while doing it!!!)

    Hope you all remain well!!! :)

  4. Oh wow. I hope you are feeling better since this post. (I just popped on here to see if i had missed any of your posts)

    Glad little man C's allergy tests so far are coming back good. Yeah.

    I have been a crazy woman organizing too. makes me feel so good when it;s done :)

  5. Wow! Sounds like you are on hyperdrive. Your cold, your son's allergy, spring cleaning, book club...yikes! Don't bite off more than you can chew:-)


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