Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Two for Two-sday

Join Deanna every Tuesday for some adorbale two-somes, two-fers etc.

The Little Miss and friend Emma together in the little farmers market trolley. This was only for the first trip to the main market area. Thereafter is was filled with veggies, fruit, flowers and dairy.


  1. LOVE the farmer's market! The best veggies & fruits around!!!
    Too cute! Thanks for your comment at Multiples and More!

  2. they are just so cute. I am so excited that the Farmers is finally going to open.

  3. I love going to farmers markets! Looks like they do too. Who wouldn't if they were pulled along in that cool ride?!

  4. They are so sweet together.

  5. Looks like the perfect seat for two little ladies!!!

    Thank you for playing along Cat :) I'm glad to be back......


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