Wednesday, 22 April 2009

It's Election day!

Today is Election day in South Africa - that means we have a public holiday! Off course in a country where so many people have so long been denied their voting rights, it is a big occasion. Up to 80% of illegible voters are expected to vote. My mom, as she walks with great difficulty, voted yesterday along with the elderly, disabled and visibly pregnant woman.

This election is possibly the most important election since 1994. At present the ANC has a two thirds majority in our Parliament which means that they can basically do whatever they want. And believe me, they do, although the smaller parties do raise their voices. Technically they can change our great constitution, apparently the best in the world. The hope of a lot of South Africans ride on the fact that with the splitting of the ANC, enough support was transferred to COPE, the party formed by the ANC splinter group under Terror (Masouo) Lekota. Off course, a huge factor is Ja*cob Zu*ma, the ANC's presidential candidate. (Just to explain, we do not have separate presidential elections, the wining party's candidate becomes president). Zu*ma is a lier, a fraudster, a rapist and a polygamist - only the last one to which he willingly acknowledges. He is also hugely charismatic, in the Hitler type of way. He shows contempt at our courts and have hinted as disbanding our constitutional court, the highest court in the country.He is definitely not the person you want to run and be the face of your country. It is a disgrace!

Off course, this might mean that some support might be lost from the ANC due to their fronting of Zu*ma, or so a lot of people hope. Off course, I hope for more power and votes for people like the Democratic party (fronted by a stunning woman, Helen Zille) and the Independent democrats (fronted by the formidable Patricia de Lille - a personal favorite) I would also not mind more support for the ACDP )African Christian democratic party as they relentlessly fight against abortion and other christian issues. Actually, as long as the ANC loses their two thirds majority tomorrow, it will be a great day for democracy, not only in South Africa but also in Africa.

I ask your prayers please for our little country on this very important day. Please pray for free and fair elections, a peaceful transition and a truly democratic outcome.


  1. I really appreciated your blog entry today. I love to learn of other countries' politics and their cultures. Thank you for that....and I am with you, may the best candidate win!!!! [when do you find out who won the election?]

    My W W is's a YOU TUBE I made of a tour I took Bud on this past Saturday. If you stop by, turn up the volume...some good music was added. :o)

  2. You got it...prayers are on their way! Happy WW!

  3. You did a great job explaining the situation. I was going to write a post about the election on my blog. After reading yours, I just linked your blog in my post. I hope you don't mind!

  4. Great post! I learned something today:-) Your country is in my thoughts today!

  5. Wow, I hope it all turns out for the best. I think I am a day late, but I will pray for your country's well being.


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