Monday, 29 June 2009

Makes my Monday -Ups and downs

Playing along with Cheryl - what a great way to start the week.

Oh this last month has been tough - with Hunter's exams, my mothers recovery and a sick Little man L, I am hoping July is much much better. We also had our little midnight run-in with the geyser. (and the resulting stain left)

Little man L had his 3rd visit to the doctor on Friday afternoon and is currently on his 3rd course of anti-biotics in a month. He now has gingivitis - poor child, caused by a lowered immune system and the previous two course killing all the good bugs and the pro-biotics not adding enough good bugs. He might also have somewhere along the line got a nappy bug into his mouth - not impossible - this is the guy that undresses himself, including the diaper. We also spent the night up with him puking his lungs out, but this seems to have subsided this morning. To add injury to the insult, I had to take all 3 kids to the doc on Friday - nobody to look after the rest. And as I was taking the Little Miss to the toilet, who comes out with the paediatrician, each with their very first suckers! Gosh, did they enjoy it! (I would have stopped her if I was there , but what the hec - they loved it) And the 3's behaviour was excellent - so a reward was ok.

But this all just serves for background to lift out the positive about this month:

Yes, this is our friend Stefaan with his daughter Tessa, who 10 weeks ago was a complete paraplegic and was busy helping Hunter braai on Saturday night. He walks with two crutches and is struggling with bladder control, but her is alive, mobile and with his family and partially returning to work today. Little Tessa is adorable and 100% normal after given a 1:50 chance for Down's syndrome. God is truly good. Now if I can only have 3 healthy kids it would be great! Oh and our Springboks defeated the British Lions in rugby and off course, the USA soccer fans know that they just lost to Brazil in the Confederation Cup finals played in South Africa yesterday.


  1. I saw soccer on the tv yesterday and thought of you, remembering you mentioning the big tournament!

    So glad for Stefaan's recovery! Amazing!

  2. Yay for Stefan! What an adorable picture!
    Suckers are the best after a dr. visit! What an awesome pictures!
    So sorry to hear about the geyser! Oh my!

  3. I hope everyone is on the mend!

  4. Wow! You all have really been through a lot lately. Amazing story of your friend. GOD IS GOOD! I pray your family will be healthy again very soon.

  5. Gotta love people giving your kids lollipops! My kids just had their first last week.

  6. God is truly good! Thank you for this post and for playing along with Makes My rpost sure does, Cat!

  7. OMG...Poor L! I'll keep him in my prayers. Read your post today. Hope he stays healthy!!!!!


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