Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Playing along with Nicole at What a trip! on Thursdays.

Today has been hectic - really hectic. But as always, I have so much to be thankful for.

1. First of all, off course, for my lovely hubby who gave me the chance to get away, find myself again and rest a bit.

2. For my aunt for inviting us along and sharing her special place and time with us.

3. For good company and cousins loving to spend time with each other. Through the generations.

4. For great winter weather - warm sunny days. Also when we were on our
little holiday.

5. For the DVD player in the van - makes short change of a 2 and a half hour trip for a little girl.

6. Sleep, glorious sleep - what more can I say. Back at home we are still fighting the good fight.

7. For a hunting opportunity for Hunter in the not too far future - that will recharge his soul. And provide biltong for the little monsters to chew on while cutting those molars.

8. For the Confederations cup soccer tournament that South Africa is hosting - tonight in our city, the USA is taking on Brazil. All is going so well security wise and organization wise. This is our warm up for the 2010 Soccer world cup we will be hosting in less than a year.

9. For Hunter's exam that went well on Friday and for the opportunity for him to study.

10. And this is the big one guys- our friend Stefaan is walking (well, with crutches) and has driven his family to San Lameer on the South Coast for a 2 week holiday. Yes, he has been released from the rehabilitation facility but will continue with therapy on an outpatient basis - both physio and occupational.

And if you want to see more about our great little break - go check out the post below! I promise, the pictures are really beautiful.


  1. Great List!
    Hubby is so excited about the 2010 Soccer World Cup!!! He just loves it!!! He went nuts when we (Germany) hosted it in 2006 haha

  2. Yay - way to go Stefan! What a great list! I love the dvd in the car too!
    Thank you for your kind comment! You are the best! I have since removed that portion from my post. I should not have participated in such malicious behavior.

  3. Car DVD player--tell me about it! lol Phew!

    And, YAY for Stefan! YIPEE!

    Happy Thanksgiving THursday--your list is awesome!

  4. wonderful list! Soooo amazing to hear the good news for Stefaan!!!

  5. OH What blessings! I am so very happy to hear about your friend! How absolutely wonderful!!!!

    Many many blessings to you Cat.


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