Monday, 20 July 2009

Makes my Monday - playing with simple things

Playing along with Cheryl - what a great way to start the week.

Making my Monday today is to see with how many simple (and non expensive) things my kids kept busy with over the weekend.

Playing with the box of our new microwave (my old one died a sudden death on Thursday night)

Watching Baby Einstein - I swear for the amount of viewing it has taken in its 4 years lifetime up to now, worth every cent.

Baking, decorating and eating cupcakes.

Playing with cheap cardboard masks Granny bought.
Off course, the obligatory kitten.

Our Monkey loved his Monkey mask.

The little bear - not so much - I should have known.


  1. It's always the box they want, isn't it!!

    Love those glasses, btw :)

  2. How much fun are they? So cute!

  3. Jacob helped me make an airplane out of an old diaper box a few weeks ago. Fun!

    My two never cared for Baby Einstein all that much but they are loving (and watching it right this minute) Little Einsteins!!

  4. Oh those are great picture. My kids love to play with boxes as well.

  5. My parents kept their refrigerator box for a fort for Yaya. She loves it! What is it about a silly box? LOL

  6. So cool! Yummy on the cupcakes. And we had a huge box from our patio furniture - maybe we should turn into a house!

  7. I love the fun that kids can have with a box.

  8. Oh boxes are the best. We once made a castle out of cardboard that was played with forever. :) I love that about childhood it can be the simplest things that make kids smile.

  9. Cat I am SOOO with you! When our two find the joy in the imagining with simple things, it is SUCH a wonderful thing to see.

    Thanks for sharing how your gorgeous crew does that very thing.

    And thank you so much for Making My Monday by playing along!

  10. I used chalk to write "Thunderbird 1" and "Thunderbird 3" and a few lightning bolts on some boxes for the boys at their request a few weeks ago. Then I turned them out into the backyard and didn't hear from them for AGES! SO MUCH FUN!


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