Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Jingle Jangle fun

We took granny on an outing on Sunday morning to Jingle Jangle, another great tea garden and small nursery near her home. It is the first time that the twins are really into playing on their own and we had a table right next to the one set of toys on a sandpit. Mommy had an undisturbed latte and chocolate cake.

So, presenting my beautiful kids (in birth order):

And wow, actually caught them together sitting still in one place for like 1 minute (with the zoom lens)

And for those who does not know - the way that Little man L sits here (like a frog) is a sign of low muscle tone. He can sit like that for hours.


  1. I LOVE all the cute tea garens in South Africa. I'm going to miss that when we go home. Here there are lots of coffee shops, but it's totally different!

    I noticed L's sitting pattern before you mentioned it, as I've been asked if Graham sits like that. Still not walking though...ugh!

  2. Holy cow, coffee and cake undisturpted!? How awesome!!!!

  3. I love their sweaters! Esp the bolder stripe on Lil Man L!

    Jacob used to sit like that all the time...we had to kind of break him of that habit. We used to just remind him "Sit with your legs out front" and he'd swing them around. Eventually it became habit to sit the other way. :-)

  4. Looks like a lovely place, and the photos are just gorgeous.

    My girls always like to sit that way but HB tells them it's bad for the ligaments in their knees.

  5. I love the boys almost-matching jumpers. They look like they would give great cuddles wearing those!

  6. Oh, a latte and chocolate cake...Undisturbed!! Priceless!

    What beauties your babies are. Great pics;)


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