Sunday, 26 July 2009

You know you're in Africa when....part 5


Off course it would be unfair just to show you the nice and beautiful things about where I live. The poverty is huge and people make a life for themselves with whatever they can. These guys make a living by recycling paper - they go through dustbins and collect all the paper and cardboard which they transport on carts - either bought, sponsored by the paper companies, or made by themselves. Some also collect plastic, cans and glass. And don't be mistaken - some responsible people (like us and my office) do our own recycling. There is just so many who doesn't that at least these poor people can scrape by a living.


  1. WOW..that is amazing. Thanks for sharing Kat!

  2. it's so easy to forget that people are suffering in our world....
    i'm glad you shared these photos...made me remember not to take things for granted...

  3. good for you being honest to your country and showing it all :)
    (ps You would see that here too)

  4. What a life! Thank you for helping to remind me of how blessed my family and I am.

  5. oh no that is so sad for those poor people. at least they are trying to make things work the best they can

  6. How about, "You kow you're in Africa when municipal workers dump trash in the streets to get a wage increse." LOL


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