Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday snapshots

So how has your Saturday been so far? Head over to Cheryl's and share yours.

Ok, so this was 2 Saturdays ago, just before the pig struck us - I cut daddy's hair and we took the chance to cut The Boys'. Not a tear, not as much as 'n cry. I am super mommy hairdresser now!

And somehow they just seem to look so much bigger, especially Little Man L without those curls.


  1. L looks so happy in this pic. What a cutie!!

  2. YAY, someone else posting pictures of their kids fresh haircuts!!! They are all looking very swish (and grown up) in their new do's.

  3. Oh Cat, you've such a handsome lot on your hands! (Was Little Miss operating any scissors? ;) )

    Thanks so much for playing along...and great work on the haricuts. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

  4. Cute! But I hate how hair cuts make kids look so much older, don't you?

  5. Wow - they DO look bigger now. Crazy what a haircut can do.

  6. LOVE it. Our boys also have short 'dos and I think they're perfect for little men!


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