Thursday, 1 October 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

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I am really having a super hectic crappy kind of day. The power cord to the laptop seems to be on the blink - and work is hectic. Little man L poured out his allergy medicine (almost a new bottle) last night so apart from cleaning the mess I have to go to the chemist to fill out a new prescription.

But apart from all of this, I have tons to be thankful for:

1. A nice coffee date with Hunter on Sunday when my MIL was with us. It was bliss - not only the cappuccino and lemon meringue pie, but each other's undivided attention for an hour.

2. Enough work for the office in these hard times.

3. The Lil' Miss progressing excellently with her ballet. It is just so cute.

4. The Boys have been sleeping through for 3 nights - yes, I know, tonight they are bound not to sleep again, but there, I've said it!

5. And hopefully, healthier times for Little Man L. He is having his operation for his ears and adenoids on Tuesday and I am so nervous. Yes, I know - it is a small low risk operation, but gosh, it is the first time ever that any of my kids or my hubby will get operated on. So if I please can ask for your prayers, I would be so grateful. Remember Tuesday morning our time is Monday night for the American girls and Tuesday afternoon early if you live down under somewhere. Much appreciated!


  1. Oh man, pouring out the medicine is not good. But I hope that you have a good date this weekend.

  2. Ohh that is a great thankful list.
    I love little ones dance..Abby just started tap .

  3. That's it...look on the bright side:-)

  4. So dang crazy when it rains it pours kinda thing is it? I hope you'll have a good day tomorrow. Hang in there!

  5. Keeping you all in my thoughts and hoping for a successful surgery!

  6. Sorry about the rough day but glad you were able to still find things to be thankful for! Good luck with the surgery this week...I'll be thinking of you! Hang in there! Hopefully all will go smoothly and he'll be doing great soon after!


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