Saturday, 21 November 2009

Another great day.

We had another great weather day yesterday - almost windless and hot. Boy, are we lucky!

When we realized that the weather wa great once again we headed to Tabke Mountain and went up the cableway. It was absolutely spectacular and The Lil Miss loved every moment of it. I tell you, the girl has no fear.

After a nap we decided on the pool in stead of the beach (we had a tired little cousin Madleien) and the day ended with a great braai and ample red wine.

And boy, am I gettig good on this mobile phone -I am posting all this via mobile phonE.


  1. It sounds like you are having perfect mommy/daughter time. you sound so refreshed as well :)

    PS How awesome that you are able to do all of that from your phone!

  2. You lucky fish... it's still very cold here!

  3. Good company, wine, and a tasty braii - sounds like the perfect south african day to me! :D


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