Thursday, 7 January 2010

Back to school, eh, work...

Today is my first day back at work in almost 4 weeks and I am having such mixed feelings about it. It is only 12:00 and I am already missing the kids with almost an ache in my heart. Yes, I am missing the chaos, the constant noise, the crying, the mess and the whining. (And the hugs, cuddles and kisses). On the other hand, is it really great to be in a quiet, climate controlled area. Just a pity you have to actually work...

Which brings me to the point - every year after the long summer holiday (when our nanny is also on holiday), I am once again reminded that I am a working mom, not only because of economic reasons but also because I chose it. I like my job and love my work most of the time but I also love my kids and would like to spend more time with them. A half day job would be perfect, but really unrealistic in my circumstances. So we continue, juggling motherhood and the job, and just doing the best we can.

Oh fountain of joy,
oh cup of delight,
without you my day would not be so bright...

Not really happy with this picture, but the best of the lot I took. Maybe I will re-visit the subject.

I have also published my first book review for 2010.


  1. oh that coffee looks GOOD! I can understand the need to work, it's hard to make ends meet in most economies without both parents working and I know we are so blessed in Australia that we have made it through relatively unscathed. But I can honestly say that even though I have loved some of the jobs I have had (and would probably try part time with some of them) it has never been enough to WANT to work full time... I'm not sure that made sense... You must have a pretty great job is I guess what my point was. I do dream that one day someone will comission me to produce masses of fine art photographs... that I would do full time!

  2. I know how you feel, i have been back a few days now, and i find myself just staring at the screen...really need to get motivated.

  3. Awww....that's rough. I hope it goes by quickly.

  4. That pic is just perfect...looks like your cup is running over:)

    I have been back at work since Monday and all I am doing is treading water!

  5. I work for the same reasons! I need the break from the kids where I can do something that is more than simple about them!!

    I would sell my soul though for a half day job!!

  6. What's not to like about that picture? Looks like some sort of hot coffee? *sigh* Haven't seen hot coffee in about 3 weeks - I MUST have some right now!

  7. mmmm looks so tempting right now.
    i totally get what you are saying..from someone on the other side..i wish i worked outside of the home..i crave adult interaction...I don't know how , though you working moms do it..juggling is exactly what it is.

  8. I love my coffee, but now decided to add more tea...groan!!
    Rooibos from South African WE GET THAT HERE.

    It always took me time to settle back into work ( worked at Virgin Active ) after a holiday.

  9. I was dealing well with my youngest going back to school until today. She is back home again with strep:-(

  10. There seems to be a constant pull on mothers no matter what you choose. I'm sad when my kids go back to school because I miss them, yet I am elated to have few minutes of quiet to get things done. Then there is the whole,"Am I selling myself short by not following some of my career dreams?" that goes through my head.

  11. Oh know I can totally relate....

    Everyone says that being a teacher is the perfect job for a mom ( there ANY perfect job for a Mom other than being a Mom?...anyways...) And many ways it nights, no weekends, summers off...I agree, it could be a lot worse...

    BUT...the part that tugs at me is that I get that taste of being a SAHM...and realizing that Yes, I COULD do this - I WANT to do this...but like you, its just not feasible for us. I carry our benefits and actually am now the higher income in the house.

    Every fall, when its back to school time...I have such a hard time. I keep thinking/wondering if it'll get easier...but in 3 years, it hasn't.

    I wonder if men feel like this at all?? Do they long to be at home instead of at work? Do they feel guilt for choosing a career over being with the kids 24-7? hmmm....???

  12. Hey girl! I started 365 today. Can't wait to see where it goes! Love seeing the pics of you all in short sleeves. The wind chill here tonight is suppose to be -15 to -20. I live way too South for those kind of temps. Maybe the twins and I will come for a visit!

  13. Oh YUM! Now I want some coffee and it's 2am! LOL

    It's amazing how one thing works for one mommy and another thing works for another. Thank God He usually places us where we can best handle the difficult job of raising good souls.


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