Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

I know there were many many complaints and tears earlier this week, but I have so much to be thankful for. I am playing along today with Nicole at What a trip for the first time and if you'll humour me, I will report a bit on our weekend as well.

1. May I please say it again, shout from the rooftops, announce on national TV, email Oprah - Little man L is finally walking! Only 2 ore 3 steps at a time, but he is!

2. Lovely summer fruit. We bought great fruit at a fruit stall along the road driving back from Komatipoort this weekend. This is the lowveld region in South Africa - one of the world's top fruit producing areas.

Just check out the size of the pineapple (crayon next to it)

Just check out the lovely stall where we bought the pineapple, yellow cling peaches, mangoes, grapes, bananas and avocado pears.

3.Little man C is better at last! Thanks to anti-biotics and paracetamol.

4. A good night's sleep - we all slept through for the first time since I got back on Sunday.

5. The return of Blanky- bear - this is a post all on it's own, but suffice to say, my daughter is ecstatic.

6. Lent time fasting - I do it every year (apart from when I was pregnant) - I give up one thing I love for lent - the idea being to think of Jesus' sacrifice every time you have to pass on the items. I have done many different things through the years - movies (pre kids), alcohol (easy one), red meat (easy enough), chocolate (tough), all sweets (tougher), caffeine (the toughest to date, no doubt). This year I am doing all salty snacks like crisps, pretzels and popcorn. I am finding it tough, but that's the idea.

7. That my hubby is still holding on with the studies.

8. For Easter eggs - gosh for a chocoholic it is yearly heaven.

9. For our quick trip to the Kruger National Park as part of our girls weekend where we saw 3 of the Big 5 in 3 hours. Amazing. Check out tomorrow's 4XF for more about this.

10. And for my dear hubby who gave me the time to enjoy a lovely weekend with my little girl and my extended family. It was my first night away from my Boys, but it was great. I missed them (and dad) but my soul was refreshed. My daughter was the sweetest girl ever, got heaps of attention and time for me alone and with the family. She is the smallest girl of all the cousins and was always being entertained by somebody.

Read on for more about the weekend - if you want to opt out now, why not tell me what you are thankful for today.

Driving with us to Komatipoort were my cousin Ananda and her daughter Carla and my aunt's sister Lou-lou. On the way down we stopped at Milly's to have lunch - we had lovely troutfish pancakes (it is in our prime troutfish area).

The Little Miss and Carla

Me and my princess.

Checking out the huge Carp fish.

My cousin's house is right on the Kruger National Park - the view from the top patio is stunning. They have a telescope on the patio and you can watch the game coming for a drink. On the photo below - just across the river is big game country.

The place to relax.

We had a relaxing Friday night, catching up on news and just weel, relaxing. On Saturday morning I took the 4 younger girls to The Kruger National Park and we all had a lazy afternoon at the pool. On Saturday night we had my aunt's surprise 80th birthday party. And on Sunday morning, after brunch we headed back home.

The table settings were beautiful - the place mats are made of copies of photos showing her life and laminated.

She was so surprised - can you believe she is 80? And her sister on the right is now 74? They both use hearing apparatus, but are so healthy.

The cake was really cute.

Cousin Petru and I were always the two little girls of the family - now our daughter are. She with Peter.

The two little girls of the family - Jana and A.

Cousins Theo and Ananda's 3 - Ingrid, Peter and Carla.

Me and my little Angel - she was so good!

Cousin Mariska is the oldest of my kid's generation - she is 24.

Cousin Peter and The Little Miss had heaps of fun. Can you believe a young man of 22 enjoyed the evening with his 4 year old cousin?

Just love this photo of the 3 pretty cousins.
And although this photo is not in focus, I have to place it - Cousin Buckle and his partner pharmacist Eugene both shaved their heads that morning in the annual CANSA shaveathon to support their patients with cancer. They own the only pharmacy in the small town - it is South Africa's border town to Mozambique.

My aunt, her children and grandchildren. Her one son and his wife and 4 daughters could not make it.

And got to love this one - driving back, the two bigger cousins sleeping and the Little Miss reading and watching DVD. She should be the one taking a nap - no luck!


  1. Lovely family photos. Carla looks a lot like you while Little Miss looks like Ingrid! Family resemblances...

  2. How fun! I actually clicked the link to your blog from Little Bites of Heaven just because I liked the name of it. Then I saw that you were playing along with Thanksgiving coincidental! I don't even know if you signed in on Mr. Linky or anything...just stumbled over here on my cool is that?

    Anyway, great TT post! I love all of the pictures!!!

    I'm going ot be a follower now. Thanks for joining in!

  3. Wow! You sure have a lot to be thankful for:-)

  4. Glad to hear all the highlights! That fruit looks wonderful! Nothing is in season here in the midwest...:-(

  5. This was a great post. The pineapples look so great and I love your Lenten list.

  6. What an amazing trip!
    Great things to be thankful for too - I especially agree with Easter chocolates :)

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful list Cat! So very much to be thankful for.
    Those eggs...omgosh! YUM!
    The fresh fruit looks just glorious and the view from that home! WOW! Just stunning!
    That looked like a wonderful time and LOVE the placemat idea!!!

    Have a beautiful and very blessed Thursday!

  8. What a fantastic weekend! You can see how much you all love each other in the pictures.

    Thank you for the reminder for all the things we have to be greatful for.

    Oh and the pineapple looks mouth watering. It is the fruit of choice around here.

  9. What lovely photos! I love how the eggs have their own little carton.

  10. What a great post! The pictures are beautiful! Happy Thankful Thursday to you.

  11. Awesome post. Love the many pictures!!!

  12. Sounds like a fantastic trip! I love the idea for the placemats of pictures of her life-so great!

    The last pic of the girls in the car is hilarious!


  13. Such nice blessings, thanks for sharing.

  14. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Your cousin's patio is a place I could spend A LOT of time!

  15. What a busy weekend! What are the Big 5? Or will I have to find out tomorrow?

    Yeah for L on the walking front!

  16. Wow! What a great list! I loved all your pictures! What a sweet husband!

    I will try and look you up on Facebook!

  17. what great things to be thankful for and I totally love that last picture.

  18. LOVED the family photos and all your thankful points! This was a really great post and I enjoyed seeing your family.
    You really made me hungry for those chocolate Easter eggs. They look so good!
    And the view from your cousins house! What a privilege to live like that!
    Hope you have a good weekend!


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