Monday, 9 March 2015

Another weekend.

Gosh we had a lovely weekend once again. I think all this grade 4 stuff has left us with a huge sense of appreciation for a weekend without school work.
Fruit alien at the mornings party
The boys and I attended a friends' party the morning - just as the party started winding down the rain started. Then after an hour downtime at home we all attended a friend of A party - her parents invited the whole family and I have to say that we spent a very delightful afternoon with good food and drinks, entertained children and great company for us.
What a cool alien cake
This week is one of the weeks in the year that is traditionally a bit tight for us on time and organization - A has ballet rehearsal every day Monday to Friday from 4 -7 . I am so thankful that we have the au pair as I usually had to either take off early for the week or negotiate with other moms to get her to the studio for 4 days running.Thank goodness too that the test series is behind her and she has term marks for two subject already. The boys are both busy with assessments and I am hoping and praying that it goes well with both of them.

With the Cricket world cup and the Superrugby series Mr L is in sports heaven. His current obsessions are both of them and he is driving some of us (ok maybe all) nuts and it's literally all he is talking about. I guess it's all part and parcel of what makes this very special little boy tick. Other parents with neuro atypical kids may know what I am talking about. Most of his previous obsessions have passed with time but this one unfortunately is very attractive to most adults and you will often  find a parent (specifically the dads) at school or at a party having a long discussion with him about the sport. In fact, a good chunk of his Saturday morning was spent having a conversation in English with the birthday boys' dad about the rugby much to the dads' delight. Most of them will express the wish that their own little boys would be interested as much as he is and be able to talk so well about it. So I guess we need to see what is good in this but encourage him to talk about other things too.

We saw the Spongebob movie on Friday evening - I still love Discovery for the free kids movies up to the 5 o clock show. It literally cost us R35 for a 3 D movie for me and the kids. Although I can really enjoy most kids movies this one was pure and total junk - but the kids did enjoy it. But not as much as Paddington - the last one we saw which in the car after they all agreed was the best movie we have seen in the last year or so. It was also the very first 3D movie L and C saw. Up to now with L's glasses we were warned that a 3D movie will disorientate him with his very specific issues. Now, with the contact lenses he truly enjoyed it. BTW we saw the trailer for the Charlie Brown movie - we can not wait. We all love Peanuts (I even have a Moleskine Peanuts diary this year).

Friday was Mr L's grade 1 swimming gala - a fun event where the kids do the shallow side of the pool in laps for a fund raising event. I was really a bit stressed that with the noise and the people he would not do it but he was full of enthusiasm and energy and did so well. I am really proud of how far this boy has come.

And with that - hope your week is a great one!


  1. Love the melon pic!

  2. Thats a cool cake. Something to keep in mind for when the kiddies are older.

  3. I'm smiling at your definition of downtime :)

    Just survive this week and then you have weekend again! Does she do her homework before going to ballet in the evening?

    1. Oh yes, she has to. She also practice her music before going

  4. We also enjoyed Paddington.
    Hey I like that pic of the fruit concoction - looks really healthy.

  5. Yup...that doesn't sound like down time to me. It sounds busy and hectic. My idea of downtime is sitting with my feet in the air and a book on my lap.


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