Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday - 29 January

PhotoStory Friday
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I am now compiling a mail as the week progress with my photo per day to publish on a Friday.
Here fishy, fishy...
I set a difficult task for myself- photograph the office fish and capture the reflection on to the side of the bowl.

21/365: Ten little piggies:
I have decided to do feet shots of the kids before those feet grow much bigger. Today was Little man L - my only willing model. Edited to sepia tone in Photoshop.

22/365: Diamonds:
It has been raining for a week and as I left for work the rain drops in the little rock roses looked like diamonds. Pity there was not a spot of sunlight to enhance the glitter effect.

23/365: Our national flower:
I bought the proteas at the Farmers market. Beautiful and will last for weeks.

24/365: Tutu princess:
Miss Annik twirling in the tutu I made for her on her birthday party on Sunday.

MAMMA SELF DOEN! (Mammy, I want to do it myself!) We are having a lot of that at the moment.

It was a long day.... Hunter was working late and Little man C only settled down at 9:15 when I remembered that I have not taken a photo yet. So I poured myself a nice bath, took this picture and just as I lowered myself into it, a little voice cried from the doorway: "Mamma.....". It was a short bath, but a sleep through night for the rest of the night.

Woke up this morning to a misty Pretoria - a very unusual occurrence this time of the year. I literally had to hang out of our top window to capture this shot of our neighbour's garden.

I spent a bit of money last night at the Exclusive Books sale , most books below 50% of their original price- amongst others Dan Brown's newest offering and the full illustrated Chronicles of Narnia. The top book on the pile is calle "African Odyssey" and is a 365 photo book on the Serengeti. Perfect present for Hunter.

Mommy's Idea
I am just loving Friday fragments - have all sorts of stupid random things happening in my mind.

1. We are going to have a very busy very party-filled weekend. Looking forward to that.

2. Only went to gym twice this week - maybe I can fit my 3rd session in this weekend.

3. It's just a few days away from book club and I have not finished my 3 books this month. Not a great way to start the year! I have finished two and my third is "The story of Edgar Sawtelle" and boy it's thick. But I am really enjoying it. I might have to return it and finish reading it when it is not picked by someone else.

4. It seems as we have seen the end of our very rainy two weeks. And I thought we will have an El Nino year this year.

5. I have so much work to do I better stop blogging and go on!

6. I am contemplating giving a weekly shout-out to another South African blogger as most of my peeps are from overseas and I am just getting into the other SA girls. Would you like to get to know more SA bloggers?

7. And one little boy (L) made a no 2 in his potty! Way to go!

8. Another little boy (C) has not been sleeping well the last 3 nights - last night was a disaster. Bith Hunter and I are so tired this morning.

9. I hear on the news that tourists had to be airlifted off Machu Pichu's Inka ruins is Peru due to heavy rains. It has always been a dream of mine to do the hiking trail and visit it. One day, some day.

10. And on that note our Lotto stands on 55 million rands tonight - now that can set you up for life. And free to tour to Machu Pichu!

Have a great weekend all!


  1. I love this entry of yours today...and you've given me an idea when I'm home with my grandkids...TO PHOTOGRAPH THEIR FEET!!
    Such a stunning idea and the photo is lovely.
    I also have so many books to read but not getting to them as I am blogging and running my group all day...I do read a little in the morning, but its more about keeping me positive and my thoughts towards healing...
    ~When I blogged on I met so many SA bloggers, whenever i go home to CT we all get together still...and I no longer blog there.

  2. OH, I Lalalalala love the piggies!!! The sepia is the PERFECT edit for that shot!!

    I also really really like the fishy reflection. Way to get that angle!!

  3. Yes, I'd love to meet other SA bloggers, esp if you tell me they are fabulous. (i trust you.)

    LOVE your photos (mine are on the photo 365 blog) I can't believe those flowers will remain blooming for weeks! How lovely! I just love seeing all of the different flowers you have there. Very pretty.

    ps LOL that you hung out the window to take a pic. I stopped my van in the middle of the road to get one of mine. heehee

  4. Your photos are amazing! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Somethings fishy about that 1st photo...and I love it!

    Happy FF!

  6. What beautiful pictures!!! I love seeing your photo posts!

  7. I love the protea photos.

    Beautiful work!!

  8. My best friend went to Peru many years ago and enjoyed her time at Machu Picchu. Now, we enjoy a peruvian restaurant called machu picchu instead. We've been following the flooding inPeru pretty closely.

  9. It's too bad that the bath was not longer. Looks like it had great potential.

    Love kid feet...big feet not so much, but kid feet are adorable.

  10. My brother and some friends went hiking at Machu Pichu's and have some amazing pictures to share. I would also love to go there one day. Amazing scenery!

    I just loved all of your pics! I need to take some this weekend...

    Happy Weekend!

  11. I really like the shot of the feet. What a great way to document their growth!
    I had no idea that you were in South Africa. I have always had a love for Africa ever since I was a little girl. It has always been my dream to go there one day!

    I loved all your pictures this week, but I think my favorites were the bath and the books. Very relaxing!
    Let me know what you think of Dan Brown's new one. I just finished it.
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  12. These are awesome! Those toes are perfect -- some of my favorite things in the world are baby fingers and toes. Well done!

    And the fish reflection...great job (you are so much more patient than I would be -- and the colors are gorgeous!

  13. great photos...loved the ones of the feet, your neighbor's garden and the candles on the tub!!

    I wonder what your lotto money compares to US dollars...I saw our lotto here was pretty high recently...but I never play so I can't win, huh? oh well...I'm rich in other ways (I'll keep telling myself that! haha!)

  14. I love the garden shot and the tiny toes!

  15. You are incredibly talented, seriously. Wow.

    Darn, I can't find the link to share, but one of my all-time favorite feet pics is one taken at the beach.My husband and the kids are lying on colorful beach towels, and I am taking the shot at a 90-degree angle to their feet. Sorry, this makes no sense, but you can essentially see only the bottoms of their feet, all lined up, and it's precious.

    You already know what you're doing anyway.... :)

    I would be happy to meet your friends!

  16. That bath set-up looks very very nice. *sigh* One day I will be able to manage a bubble bath from beginning to end and even have enough time to shave all of my legs without a cry, right? RIGHT?! ;-)

  17. Gorgeous photos! I love the reflection of the fish in the glass. I think that one was worth the difficulty!

  18. Hey Lady~ Yes, I'm baaaack.....I'm trying to be better about getting back into the steps....I LOVE the pictures! Your kids are getting so big!!!

  19. Love the baby feet and the bath pictures!!!

    Awesome set!

  20. I have always wanted to go to a bookclub


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