Thursday, 25 February 2010

It's a smelly one.

My earliest childhood memory.
My mom tells me I was younger than 2. All that I remember very clearly is the smell. It was horrible. And feeling claustrophobic. Apparently I was busy playing in my sandbox with my sand toys and decided to get some water to add to the fun of sand. I took a container to the kitchen drain, which housed a tap above and was somehow without a cover. Failing to open the tap (or that is what we think), I bent over to scoop water in the drain and lost my balance, getting my head face first into the drain. Dear Esther (my nanny) saved me in no time an duly named me "Double trouble" - my, was that a vision of the future or not?

Me and mommy - my official 1 year picture.
That leads me to the topic of smells. I am extremely smell sensitive. I am easily nauseated by smells. A sweaty whuff in a supermarket will get my stomach churning, a blocked drain is smelled from afar - a dirty nappy has no chance. Strong perfume will catch me unawares and even induce a megraine. My kids will never be able to fool me when if the start to smoke. You can imagine the hell of morning sickness when this acute sense was magnified times a million. But I do love my perfume - I have to choose them very carefully, hence I stay within the same range of not too sweet flowers. But I love them!
YSL Paris, Tresor by Lancome, Clinique Happy, Aramis' Tuscany per Donna (almost empty) and DNKY Be Delicious.


  1. Gosh thats scary! Lucky you got help!!

    I am also very sensitive to smells and it really upsets me if my environment isnt smelling proper in anyway!

    I have a perfume now for the first time in many years cos I just cant handle them!

  2. I LOVE Tresor!

    My husband and one of my daughters have an extraordinarily sensitive sense of smell, which leaves many smelly tasks to me. We made muffins last night, and poor Jessica gagged at the smell of yogurt!

  3. Saw you over at Blogtrotting...

    Your babies are adorable!

    I am the same way with smells! When the ladies at the mall would try to get me to sample perfumes, I would run the other way.

    And my favorite perfume? Tresor. Perfect for us sensitive smellers :)

  4. I am also smell sensitive! Can sniff a smell from a mile away... I blame my Dad, clearly inherited it from him!
    So - you're like me! 2 boys and 1 princess! Nice to "meet you" K x
    PS: I am not stopping blogging... just think my entries may be sporadic, as life is crazy busy at the mo!
    (It's Kirsty from The Weavere Nest BTW!) I am signed into google, so thats why I appear as Peter - thats my hubby! x

  5. I have issues with smells too...It was worse when I was pregnant, but even when I'm not certain smells either give me a headache or make me want to throw up.

    Hmmm...interesting things to learn in the morning, eh?

  6. Yeah, i think a lot of us are smell issue people. Don't bring vomit near me ugh.

    We have very similar taste in perfume. Love Bdelicious, Tuscany (my fav) and Clinique Happy.

  7. We are so much alike - a strong scent & I am sick with a migraine. There is only a few perfumes I can wear so I usually do not wear any.

  8. I have had many thoughts lately of my early childhood and were wondering if I should blog about it...anyway...

    I am also smell sensitive, so my kids were found out immediately when they started smoking. Must be a women thing.

  9. Oh my does that picture ever look like your Little Miss!! You can definitely see the strong resemblance between the 2 of you.

  10. Oh I'm the same way with smells...especially smoke. Love your perfume collection, especially Tresor and YSL Paris.

  11. I can handle some smelly smells, but don't give me Opium perfume - I get the meanest migraine. Love the pic, too cute!

  12. I'm also very sensitive to smell. If I just get a hint of a cigarette in a hotel room I will ask to be moved (preferably upgraded) to another room!

    A girl can never have enough perfumes I would say. You have to have at least one for every mood you are in.

  13. What a great memory to share!

  14. Thankfully, I am not usually too sensitive to smells...but when I was PG with the twins - it was awful! So glad its not like that all the time for me!

    you've posted that pic before, haven't you? i remember it - so sweet!

  15. OMGOSH! You know what's crazy? I have a HORRIBLE sensitivity to smells as well and yet, I too have a perfume collection with 3 of the same perfumes! (they must be easier scents to those of us that can't handle smells...)


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