Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday - 26 February

Mommy's Idea
It's Friday and time to get the little its and bits out of the system:
I like to combine these wioth my 365 photos of the week, because in a sense, they are also fragments representing each day.
  • Little man C is almost fully potty trained. He tells when he needs to go and am wearing big boy underpants. Just for the record - he is 29 months. The Lil Miss was fully trained at 25 months.
  • Little man L is not so. Refusing to do no 2 in the potty - still. But going ok with the rest.
  • Both the boys had a cold this week and last weekend. Sleep as been in short supply - Last night I medicated my kids - just shoot me ok! We had a good night. I am so tired that I am going to my moms tonight to get one very solid night's sleep.
  • The Lil Miss had a school outing to a milk farm (Irene diary) - The kids had so much fun! And each came home with a liter of very fresh, very creamy milk.
  • Little man L is getting new glasses. Wow, to get your second pair by age 2 seems a bit weird to me. (Full report to follow)
  • From my post yesterday I have learned that a lot of girls are very smell sensitive and that a lot of those use the same perfumes I do. 
  • Today is unofficially orange day in our office - purely by chance (how weird is that), here's the line-up.
  • And it's awards time - I received this one from the ever entertaining Cyndy:
Of course, there are rules that go along with this award. The rules are that I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself and pass it along to 7 other bloggers.
  1.   I really like to eat a combination of sweet and salty things - together (no I always have, and I am not pregnant)
  2.  I backpacked through Europe for 3 months at age 19 and turned 20 in Rome. I went to a mass that afternoon - it was unforgettable although I did not understand a word.
  3.  Italian gelati in Italy is way tastier that you can ever imagine. I still crave the Pistachio although I have found a great substitute at Baglios.
  4. I love Creme Brulee as a desert - if it is on the menu I will not even consider another option. In fact I judge the quality of a restaurant by their Creme Brulee.
  5.  I struggle to eat my 5 fruits and vegetables a day. I am often ok with the veggies, but not the fruit. I must just make the effort.
  6.  I can not dance (although I love to) - Hunter will confirm this. I have two left feet. Some day when the kids are digger we are planning to do some classes together because Hunter is really a great dancer.
  7.  I love interesting flat/flip flop style shoes - they are my summer everyday ware. The more colourful or decorated, the better. Today is:
Just to liven it up a bit, I am passing this award to 7 commenters of yesterday's post:

The five girls that love the same perfumes I do:
The 3 Tresor lovers:
Sadia (a first time commenter) at Double the fun, twice the confusion 
Heather (another fiorst time commenter) at This is the day 
Steph (yet another newby) at Silly Presious Piggies
The Tuscany per Donna lover and domestic godess extraordinaire:
Shayne at [Time Out]
And my very oldest blogging friend of all (and user of 3 of the same perfumes- wow!) :
Debi of Who says eight is enough?
The one girl that hater the same perfume I do:
Faerie girl  at Faerie girl
And my one blogging friend that I know needs all the love and support she can get right now:
Lynette of A work in progress.
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Carrie

Hosted by Chris
19 February 2010
Lunch with two of my loves. Hunter had the day of and took his girls to lunch.
20 February 2010
Extra ballet class on Saturday.

21 February 2010
Although we hace 3 dolls prams (one a twin stroller) a wheelbarrow is a very appropriate baby carrier in Africa.

22 February 2010:
The romance in a retaining wall. 

23 February 2010:
He was completely exhausted after his check-up at the Eye specialist.
24 February 2010:
First school outing of the year.
25 February 2010:
Rest a while before dinner. I wanted to take a pic of her feet for my feet collection, but like this one more because of the lines.(For the photgs out there - I used an ISO of 3200 in very low light. Fstop 5, shutter sheed 1/8. )


  1. From one Domestic Goddess to another - Thank you muchly!

    Love your shoes & top - i think i need to start shopping where you do (wherever that is).

    As doff as I am with camera's your last little babble made no sense to me, however i would love to take pics like that - hence the reason i've joined a camera club.

    Sleep oh so well tonight.

  2. A dairy farm would be so fun to visit!

    LOVE that ballet capture.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Wow...that was quite a post and lots of info....thank you for the award.

    I love your photos, just wish I was a boffin like you with the ISO stuff:)

  4. Hope the colds go away soon and that you get the solid nights rest at your mom's tonight!

    Too funny you all wore orange to the office!

    LOVE all the photo's - I especially love the one of your hubby and daughter! :)

    You have the same taste in flip-flops that I do! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Yay! for potty training!
    Congratulations on your award! You deserve it.

  6. Awesome photos! Love that last one.

    And potty training that early?

    God bless you. You're amazing!

  7. Fun pictures! I love the one of the dancer friends - and also of your little boy in glasses. Adorable!

  8. What an awesome post. So much to read and experience. :)

    The ballet picture is my favorite one, but they are all wonderful!

    And that is a heavy-duty retaining wall! Wow!

  9. First: The orange work uniform made me laugh. And then adding the orange flippies (SO cute BTW) made it even better.

    Second: I thought I'd tell you my favorite shot in your 365 pics, but they are all so SO great. The ballerinas, the Daddy/Daughter, the feet...all of them!

  10. I love the ballerinas, the colors of the wheelbarrows, and love the feet shot. Great pictures! Oh oh and the retaining wall. Who knew it could be so pretty. Ok so basically I love them all. ;)

  11. Thank you so much for the award! And congrats to the other winners and to you as well!

    The ballet picture was of my girls pointed at it and said "one, two, three! three princess!"

    Thanks ya and your orange coworkers!

  12. What I'd give to be able to wear flip flops right now. I am craving some warm sun.

    Your photos are them all.

    I can't wait to start potty training with my 2nd son. I am so done with diapers....blech!

    Have a great weekend.

  13. What a massive post!
    LOL at the orange. Love the ballet photo.
    And as for the potty training, Connor is still not pooing in the loo!

  14. Oh, beautiful pics! lol on the orange day....beautiful on the father/daughter shot. Very special!

    Thanks for finding me and stopping by. Your header is very pretty!

  15. oooops, I also meant to add that the little ballerina pic is awesome!

  16. I love your pics. great variety. the retaining wall one might be my favorite.

  17. I think my favorite in that collection is the picture of the feet. I love it!
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  18. Great shots for the week. The extra ballet shot is my favorite. The sepia edit just made it so much more special.

  19. Congratulation on your award. And as always, those pictures are amazing!!

  20. what a beautiful photo of Hunter and Lil Miss!

    so funny that so many of you wore orange on the same day. There have been days where my teaching partner and I have showed up dressed alike from head to toe! lol!

  21. A terrific week!

    You have a natural eye for portraiture -- the ballet shot is absolutely magnificent!

    Well done!

  22. I your oldest bloggy friend? That's awesome! I do feel like we have known each other for YEARS! (I think you, Cheryl, & Barb & I all met at the same time. Gotta love my twin mamas!)
    Thanks for the award. I hope I remember to post about it. I'm such a slacker. LOL

    I LOVE all of the orange, including your gorgeous footwear! (makes me think of yaya)

    LOVE your photos! the ballet one is GORGEOUS! I too have no clue what all that camera lingo means, but boy i wish i did.

  23. Nice shots. I like the re-bar... I don't know why, I just do.

  24. I came here from Cecily's Photo Story Tuesday link-up...

    That photo of the three little ballerina's is stunningly sweet -- it belongs in a frame!

    I'm also loving the picture of the doll in the wheelbarrow. My son has a little wheelbarrow that he loves to take his teddy bear for rides in.

    And...flip-flops... ::sigh:: I am so missing flip-flop weather right now.

  25. Yes, definitely frame the ballerinas! That is just a perfect shot!

  26. OMIGosh-That ballerina photo is PRICELESS. It belongs on a greeting card, seriously. I love it.

    Yea on the peeing on the potty!! Keeping fingers crossed for a #2 this week! Hope you get some sleep this weekend :)

  27. P.S. I don't supposed you have that photo on Facebook? I would love to Share it!

  28. I love your photo of the feet.
    In actual fact I just love photos of feet too:-)


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