Saturday, 27 February 2010

Maybe we will bake again today!

 I am planning to do some baking sometime in the business of Saturday, but what about showing you last Saturday's batch.

I used a pre-mix as I didn't have a lot of time (Ina Paarman's chocolate cake) and baked it in my mini-cake silicon tins (I have a heart and a flowers one)
Then I filled the indents with caramel.

Some icing and cute little sugar flowers on top.
We had a family girls dinner at our place as Hunter was away and my mom and cousins loved them for dessert.


  1. Hi, my name is David. Can you help me get our story out:

    Mom of Triplets and cancer.

    Signed, a concerned Dad and Husband
    David Broadwell

  2. Oh Cat, those cake-lets are BEAUTIFUL! :) Happy Happy Saturday!

    (And thanks for playing along with Saturday Snapshots! Adding you to the link. :) )

  3. YUMMY.

    Think i may send you shopping to that little shoppie of yours - do they do cupcake liners?

    I'm bakign tomorrow.

    Did you bake todya?

  4. I am so baked out right now but after looking at these, I am getting the itch:-)

  5. I do believe I would like to eat one of those... or maybe more ;-)

  6. Hi there, Im your newest follower and a fellow mom of twins! You can find me at
    Those desserts look delicious...

  7. Fabulous! Did you buy the sugar flowers or make them?

  8. YUMYUM! That's my kind of dessert!

  9. can't beat pretty chocolate cupcakes!

  10. Chocolate, caramel and frosting? What's a girl to do with such temptations? Seriously gotta figure out how to get them from your kitchen to mine.

  11. They make me think of a tea party. SO cute!

  12. OOHH YUM! I wanted to bake yesterday but was too sore to manage it :(

    I LOVE those flowers. I always buy a box when I go to Jimnettes just cos they are pretty!

  13. that looks way too yummy!


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