Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A walk at the dam

Today is a special day in the blogging world in South Africa. Bloggers have been asked to speak out, in principle,  about the freedom of the press. I have chosen not to publish this today, although I do support the other bloggers in this campaign. I have just been hurt before by some unwelcome attention on a semi political post (since removed) in the past and have chosen not to have the search engine attention this is bound to generate. This is my family and my little space - I'd like to keep it this way. If you are interested, please go and read at Laura's.

On to regular posting:
Wordful Wednesday.
On Saturday we took a little walk at one of our favorite spots - Struben dam where Jenty took our lovely family pictures last year. With the great rainy season we have had, it is truly beautiful.
We also visited our other little bit of nature, the Faerie Glen reserve on Sunday - so in my books, a great weekend.
All pictures with my trusty little Sony Cybershot and not the big boy Canon.


  1. So green! Looks like a wonderful way to spend the day :-)

  2. Gorgeous pics.

    You said it so much better than I did!

  3. It's a pity you haven't felt ok about speaking out today.
    Thatis one beautiful spot!

  4. What a beautiful place for a hike!!

  5. What a beautiful area. I can't wait for the green to return here.

  6. OH my! Just gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for pointing out about the South African bloggers. I am going to check it out. (I have such respect for people who stand up for their beliefs...but totally understand why you don't want any of that on your blog.)

  7. What a gorgeous place!! I love the pic of your family (most of them) in front of you.


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