Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Now that's a cool idea...

This morning, while trying to handle a miserable 6:15 wake-up after a 4 o' clock both boys awake situation, I wondered if the world will not be a much easier place if your kids could just say, text you their Facebook statuses before they get up in the morning. Hec, not just the kids, why not everybody you have to deal with today.

For instance, this morning in our home would have been:
Little man C ...is just grumpy. Nothing will make it better.
Little man L ... is going to be very busy today. And tired.
The Lil Miss ...is really happy and looking forward to pottery class.
Hunter ...has a cold.
Cat ...wished that little man L went back to sleep at 4 am like his brother did and wonders why the hell little man C is so grumpy if he slept on. Did Hunter take his cold medicine? At least the princess is happy.

You get the idea?

Imagine in business if the client you are seeing in an hour can send you an update like:
Client A ...did not sleep well last night and is difficult.
Or the other staff:
A, our secretary ...is very relaxed and chatty today. (so I know not to instigate a conversation because it is going to take a while)

Maybe, some day?


  1. This is pure genius! I need this for everyone in my life. And they all need it for me, too! ha ha

  2. That is a STUNNING idea! I LOVE IT!!!!

    Also twittering would make my job so much easier if all my colleagues also had it :)

  3. love it - esp for kids. Imagine that? My time would be freed up not worrying!

    And clients? BRILLIANT!

  4. Fab idea!

    Although, wouldn't it just be better if even slept as much as they were supposed to and took their cold medicine!!!

  5. Brilliant! Now how can we please put this in action;-D

  6. i think you need to copyright this idea it is pure genius...

  7. That's a great idea! We would at least know what we were getting into:-)

  8. Graham "is in a good mood, like usual!"

  9. ha! clever! It sure would make the mornings a bit more bearable if we knew what to expect!!

  10. While I was working my co-workers and I used a smiley face coffee mug to express our feelings. If it was turned around so you couldn't see the face it meant "Don't talk to me until further notice." It was a nice way to avoid uncomfortable moments and if someone was busy allowed them to finish their work and have time to discuss after.

    I love your idea too!


  12. That would be awesome! Yesterday even our happy guy woke up on the wrong side of the crib. One would never think that would happen. I think we have some teething going on around here.


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