Thursday, 27 May 2010

Team up Thursday

So this is the power of blogging - Marcelle at last convinced me and Shayne to team up on this one and I can see it will be great to get the creative juices flowing.
Our first subject: Colours (yes, and I know how to spell, but the Americans actually spell colour wrong - we in the Commonwealth of nations know how to spell like the Queen)


When Cat decided on Colours for our theme, i knew exactly what photo i was going to use.  I took it earlier this month.  My littlest was playing with her blocks on the coffee table, and the light and reflections were just stunning - so i snapped away.  I love this shot.  I suppose it does help that the table had been polished earlier in the day!

For our first Team- up picture we talked about several subjects and mentioned that we can do the different colours, and then I said, why not do "colours" as our first topic. This set of fineliner markers are one of my constant companions - always in my handbag and very much part of my life. You see, there is no black one - I gave it away. I like to write in colour, it brightens my day every day. So I took them outside late yesterday afternoon and in the fading light took a low light shot on the patio table. Of course I like the colour, but I also love the line and the perspective.
Why not start your own Team Up Thursday with a fellow blogger?  Other bloggers playing along are:


  1. Yahoo. We did good huh? Great teamwork. xx

  2. Cat - welcome to the "TUT" family - you both did a good job - love colours in every way. Funny I would have taken exactly the photo you did - for me nothing more fits to colours than pens or toys for kids (always colourful). keep on showing your projects....

  3. wow wow wow, you girls are a HOT team, and what great theme and pictures for your first venture...
    Love both the pics...both so creative.
    Will pass your blog link to the other girls.

  4. Brilliant ideas, LOVE the pens....inspired and the wooden toys made me nostalgic for the toys of my childhood. Thanks for sharing, and for linking us into your post, I will add you to mine today

  5. Fantastic photos - I love how well they work together! & love how you knew to spell colour correctly!

    Joanne (from Australia).

  6. You did good! Looks like Stef and I will be joining you from next week.

  7. glad to have you playing along! this is one of my favorite themes (not even counting the spelling:).

  8. So glad you joined in! :) it is a very fun project. :)

    love your photos for the theme. both are really stunning. I just love "color" tee hee...yes, american here.

  9. Who knew markers could be so pretty?!

  10. Great shots from both of you! LOVE the subject.
    (got a giggle out of "we spell colours like the Queen". heehee)


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