Thursday, 22 July 2010


I just love Shayne's photo for this week. Such a wonderful interpretation and a great shot.

This week's theme, Jeans (chosen by Cat) threw me somewhat.  What on earth would i photograph - certainly not me in my jeans that is for sure!  So i had to make do with what i had - and here it is.  The stack of jeans in my wardrobe.  Prob about 10 pairs of so, but I have my fav 3 that i wear again and again.  And i fold them becoz they take too much space in my hanging wardrobe.  Is that weird?
I randomly chose "Jeans" from Shayne's picture of last week - it was the first thing that came to my mind. So this weekend I had to make some jean oppertunities and this one came out best. Little man C in his cute balck jeans. I love to take these "non-portrait" portraits - a bit of someone that show their personality
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  1. Interesting theme! LOve what you did with it!

  2. Great theme & beautiful pictures!

  3. Thanks Skat!

    Love your pic too - me thinks we're cracking this team up thing huh?


  4. I love how both of you interpreted this challenge...well done my friend.

  5. Cool shots - what a fun theme!

  6. Love that theme, am loving how week after week we all have different themes.
    I must say Shayne's pics is really good, love that STYLE photography ~
    Your pic has THE CUTE FACTOR.

    Well done team!

  7. I love a pair of well, worn, comfortable jeans! I would live in jeans in the winter if I could!

  8. Kristen's pic looks like my closet...only add another 20 pairs...LOL.

  9. I think jeans say a lot about a person and who they are.


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