Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Some random Tuesday thoughts

  • Firstly thanks for all the kind words yesterday - I really appreciate your love and support.
  • Today I am just angry - with the world. I don't quite know why. Mainly it's work and clients thinking you press three buttons and presto! New design done.
  • I am taking 2 boys to the doctor, again! Little man C's 3rd visit in 2 and a bit weeks. His cough is not getting any better. And Little man L had an earache and stuff running out of it.Got to check those ears and grommets.
  • I am tired - I worked until after 11 and got up twice in the night for the boys. I need sleep.And I need a night of not working at home - it is not going to happen tonight though. Tough deadline for tomorrow.
  • The princess had a terrible headache yesterday - so bad that the school called like the previous time. This time no puking though, so hopefully we do not have a migraine sufferer.
  • I miss my friend Nanna in Canada. Terribly. 
  • Actually, I just miss spending time with friends.
On a happier note - the latest tutu I made for the birthday girl on Saturday was a hit, as per usual.


  1. Then I am with you and totally understand....
    We will be okay...we always are..but for now :(

  2. Sorry to hear that you are so exhausted. Try to make time for your friends - I know it will help you feeling better so much.

  3. Sorry to hear.I can understand you and I hope you feel soon better.

  4. Spending time with good friends is definately food for the soul. Without a doubt.

    Remember - this too shall pass.

    Sterkte my friend xxx

  5. so sorry for another rough day! Hope after you meet your deadline for tomorrow, things will lighten up?? Here's hoping anyways!

    Cute tutu. Sarah told me she wants to be a ballerina princess for Halloween this year so I think I'm going to use your idea to make one of these tutus finally!

  6. Sometimes life just kicks your butt doesn't it? I hope that tomorrow is better:-)

  7. Hope you get some sleep, me-time and healthy kids... Luckily summer is around the corner!
    We KNOW where you are, Girl! Best wishes for a better tomorrow!

  8. That tutu is tutu freaking cute...see what I did there. Did ya? ;)

  9. and there's the tutu ;)

    Cat, I am so sorry you are feeling so down. Please know you aren't alone. Even when you feel like you are.
    Find your faith at these times. It really does help.

    Hugs & love,


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