Monday, 20 September 2010

And all of a sudden they are so big,

so grown up. Almost 3. Just 5 sleeps to go.

This morning I woke up all nostalgic, a bit teary and almost shocked. We cut their hair last night, as we do from time to time and all of a sudden they look like big big boys. Did I mention that my babies, our last babies are almost 3. Three!

Clearly not babies anymore. But as Little man L was lying sleeping in my arms on Saturday evening after a crying fit my heart just ached. And as in the middle of last night Little man C crawled onto my chest and snuggled in to fall asleep again, my heart gave a leap.

Why oh why do we sometimes wish them to grow up faster? Why do we say, this will pass when a phase is difficult, and then we get all teary and sad when we realize that they grow up way to fast?

Did I mention my babies are turning 3 in just 5 days?


  1. Ag skat!! Hugs to you.

    Yes, i feel the same way when I look at Polly - she is turning 5 in Jan and i wonder where the time has gone and what she has done with my baby!


  2. Incredible! That's why I try to cherish each moment! :D
    They definitely don't look like babies anymore! But beautiful big boys!
    Enjoy them!

  3. I feel it with you!

    I haven't had a nice snuggle with Connor for weeks - he's over it, but I am SO not.

    Thank goodness his sister still likes hugs and kisses. What if both of them were like that???

  4. All of us can relate. :-)

    I have moments of missing the baby-phase but on the whole since my youngest turned 4 I have felt very much happier about life/family in general.

    I think it may have something to do with plenty of sleep, no tantrums, no nappies and everyone can walk and talk and sort themselves out!

  5. If you figure that one out, please let me know! LOL.

    Being a mom of multiples I know exactly what you are talking about! They can really work your very last nerve tag teaming you all the time, so you end up feeling like you never catch a break!

    Over time I think I got better and better at it realizing that when I look back on all of it, I'm not going to remember the bad as much as I remember the good. I think I've become much more patient and a person who appreciates the here and now more because of it!

  6. Ah man their hair looks so cute and yes they do look super grown up now :)

    Wait till you see EIGHT - its horrible :(

  7. Gosh...I'm already having mini-panic attacks about an upcoming 1st birthday so I can just imagine how I'll feel when we get to three.

    They'll always be your babies cat.

  8. Their growth is shocking, isn't it?

  9. They are looking all grown up. In a few years, you'll remember them at this age and think they were babies!

  10. I recall the moment I no longer saw the baby in Yaya's face too. It was heartbreaking!

    One thing I find amazing is how once in awhile you get to see a glimpse of what your children will look like all grown up. I see that in these pics of your boys. It's in these moments we're blessed by God to rejoice in them and the most challenging of times. I think it's a gift from Him.

  11. Vertel hierdie ouder-moederhen niks oor hierdie sindroom nie.

    "Why oh why do we sometimes wish them to grow up faster? Why do we say, this will pass when a phase is difficult, and then we get all teary and sad when we realize that they grow up way to fast?"

    Omdat ons blêddie simpel is.

  12. Totally there with you, too!! I can't believe my 2 will be 4 in just 2 months!!! And my baby is 20+ months old now!! They all seem so grown up. THere is this book - one of my favorites here - called "Love you Forever" - Sarah pulled it out the other night and wanted to read it (a new fave of hers, too) and I literally could not get through it without crying so hard I couldn't finish reading it!! She wanted to read it the next night too and asked me if I could read it without being sad and wanted to know why it made me sad. I told her it wasn't "sad" just sentimental....which she, of course, had no idea what that meant!

  13. Oh man! I can identify so much with this post! My 3rd baby, my *sob* last baby, will be 3 next month!!! And on the one hand, I want to celebrate this freedom, on the other hand, all I want to do is have another baby, so i can have baby snuggles for longer!!
    I don't think that feeling ever goes away... regardless of whether we're 55 and it's physiologically impossible to have another baby! (Thats what I'm telling myself anyway!!)
    Your little men are gorgeous x-x
    PS - were they born full term?

  14. @Kirsty - as close as dammit, I guess. 37 weeks.

  15. Cat my friend...they will ALWAYS be your me!

  16. Oh my goodness!!! They look like little men!! (and oh so super cute :) )

  17. This post really made me stop and think....thanks for sharing xxx

  18. How cute!

    At least three is the age you start having proper, entertaining conversations!


  19. How cute are they!
    Planning a big birthday? I hope so. Enjoy your children.

  20. My oldest turns five next year and then he will be off to kindergarten. Where did the time go?!

  21. Very detailed info. I am very happy to I found this entry.. :)

  22. how are you?

    Thanks for writing this blog, loved reading it

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