Wednesday, 22 September 2010


  • I am reeling after a hectic three days at work working days and evenings.
  • I realized that it's been weeks since I slept a whole night next to my hubby. Either he is working late, I am working, he is away or, mostly, well, mainly, I am sleeping next to my new sleep mate, Little man C. This has to stop! Advice will be welcomed.
  • I lost my temper (quietly) with a client after spending 6 hours on something on Monday, just to be told by him today that he made a mistake asking me to redesign my original as presented on Friday and to revert back to that.
  • I am just tired.
  • I have to plan for our weekend away - due to work issues this has been left behind.Menu etc have to be planned and shopping done tomorrow in my half day off. Not to speak of packing.
  • I have decided not to bake cupcakes for the boys' little birthday celebration. I am taking my hubby's advice and in stead of over extending myself, I am going to support Woolworths and just add some extra decorations of my own.
  • I have to fill in the forms to take our puppies to the kennels tomorrow- it is going to be their very first visit to a kennel(and they are 8 years old!)
  • I have to clean a million silkworms' boxes as granny is babysitting them for the weekend and I can not expect her to do that.
  • I am grateful that Lucy is cooking mince for dinner.
  • I have to pay for our December holiday.
  • I am so glad that we decided not to have a party for the boys as the energy to plan that totally escapes me. Yes, I am being a bad mommy, but I am totally at ease with our decision. We are taking a few bags with sweeties and cupcakes on our long weekend and I will just call together a random 20 kids around our campsite or the pool and let them sing for the boys and get some sweetie bags. It's really all that a 3 year old needs. We are also taking along the presents that friends and family has given me for them so they will have a little low key bush party.
So what's happening in your life today?


  1. Take it will crash and burn and we don't want that! I always say that the ladies that bake for the home industries should also be making a them;-D

  2. Skat you sound exhausted. THis weekend away should be just what the doc ordered i hope.

    If i was closer i would offer to do your baking for you - sorry i'm not!

  3. That's a lot! Take a deep breath:-)

  4. Jeepers sounds like a really crazy week! I agree with H - OUTSOURCE the cakes :)

  5. Sit tog net jou valhelm op vir wanneer jy in jouself vashardloop....

    En moenie verbaas wees as dit die verjaarpartytjie gaan wees wat die mannetjies die beste gaan onthou nie!

    Alles goede.

  6. You poor thing - you sound worse than me!

    I actually also feel overwhelmed by all the work - it's not the work per se, it's the KIND of work (as I said in my blog, I hate most of what I need to do now and so it takes me 3 X as long and is super stressful as I know the to-do list is growing...)

    No advice on little man C - what about bribing him? x number of days in own bed = something that appeals to him?

    And hey, low-key parties are fantastic - support Woolies (P&P also has delish carrot cupcakes - I'm eating one at the moment :)) or the local home industries lady and most of all, enjoy your time away. Relax and recharge with your beautiful family!

  7. Sounds like this long weekend exactly what you need.
    I know its easier said than done....but try to relax.
    And I agree...outsource, outsource, outsource :-)

  8. I know exactly how you feel. I'm tired and "meh" and so busy at work that I feel like Gary and I just don't time to reconnect.

    Glad you decided to take some stuff off your plate by not organising a birthday party, and by buying the sweet things from the closest shop. Your kidlets will prefer spending time with you than watching you slave over party preparations.

  9. So sorry to hear life is so hectic right now. The boys will be totally fine with the birthday plans as they are...all they REALLY want is the cupcakes and the presents, right? :-)

    Hope you're able to ENJOY the weekend away even if its tough getting there!!!

  10. Sounds like a great party for the twins! I hope you get to really relax the weekend!

  11. I like your idea of a bush party for the boys. I am DREADING the three ring circus that is threatening to occur for Nicola's upcoming 1st birthday.


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