Thursday, 9 September 2010



When i chose connection (from my picture last week) i had visions of taps/electrical somethings.  Not sure what.  But when I sat and reviewed the photo's i'd taken after a visit from Grandma & Grandad, I knew that this would be my 'connection' photo.  This little girl of mine completely adores her 'Ma'.  She becomes her shadow and nothing is too much effort for Ma when she has her littlest grandchild with her.  I often think that she is by far the fav of the grandchildren - but that wouldn't be fair now would it!  Back to the photo - am sure that you can all see the connection between these two - and it warms my heart that this Grandma adores my child as she does.
When Shayne sent the word "connection" as our subject I had all sorts of technological connections in mind. But one picture I took two Saturdays ago kept running in the back of my mind. A connection, of the family variety. These two are cousins and although you can see a family resemblance this picture is almost uncanny in how much the family genes run.


  1. How amazing that you both had the same idea in the word connection...
    I would have stumbled here myself ~ I am still finding it hard to think out of the box as both of you have done here.
    Love Shayne's photo as I am a Nana and also hope to have a special connection with my grandkids but with living so far its so hard...

    I had a special connection with my cousin so your photo is very special to me as well...when we were both 16 she passed away...forever to live on in my memory!"

  2. Are we 'out the box' thinkers? I wouldn't have thought so (well me anyway!).

    Love our photos this week. Clever us. xx

  3. Bot family connections :D
    Beautiful, you two!

  4. I love the shots you and Shayne got, family ties and portraits are probably my favourite topics for photographing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh...the love can be felt by looking at these very beautiful photos...well done to both of you.

  6. Love these beautiful heart connections, better than any electrical one you ever would have found - fab interpretation!

  7. yes - you hit the nail on the head with mentioning: "we did well this week" - no you didn't just well - you both did very very very well!!!!
    Love both shots to bits and in both you can really "feel" the connection.
    always an inspiration to stop by at your blog


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