Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday 8 October 2010

I am so glad it's Friday today - this week has been brutal work wise. So without further ado - let's get the mental de-cluttering done.
  • The silkworms are by now huge monsters eating way more than I can possibly imagine. No spinners yet.
  • It's cousin Karla's matric farewell ball tomorrow night and I have been asked to take her photos. I am super excited as she want pictures in the veld. (Matric farewell ball is like senior prom)
  • The Princess is still playing around with that tooth, waiting for it to fall out. For the record, after asking here and on several other forums the fee per tooth is between R10 and R20, except if you are in Joburg's wealthier areas wher it can be up to R100! In America it is $1.
  • We have a water leak in our garden in one of the flower beds. As I am writing this the plumber is fixing the pipe.I am very scared of our water bill coming at the end of the month.
  • I got some brioche for Jay's cafe in Hobart shopping centre in Bryanston yesterday. It is beyond tasty. Super yummy.
  • I am in a lot less pain today after my fall on Wednesday. Yesterday I thought that I would have to get to the doctor as I was in so much pain.
  • It took me just short of 2 hours to get from Joburg to Pretoria yesterday from 3 pm as I was caught in the first big thunder storm of the season.
  • And yes, it rained! It was amazing to hear the thunder, smell the rain and hear it fall. The first thunder storm (in fact a lot of them) here in Africa is truly spectacular.
  • It was great that the boys was ok with the storm - at least they remembered it, not like last year when they were terrified.
  • I am really looking forward to our December holidays - we are going away twice and see the sea in two provinces. It is going to be epic!
  • It's the first week that Little man L went without a daytime pull-up. No 1 is going fine, no 2 is still a not so wee little problem.
  • Little man C asks me every single day to go camping. Every single day. I am promising December. Every single day. 
  • I am so enjoying reading "When will there be good news" by Kate Atkinson. Review to follow soon at Cat's bookclub. If you want to read a really great book, the last one I reviewed was brilliant - my best read this year. 
  • I have wanted a Kindle ever since they came out here - now I would rather get an ipad - our IT guy has one and I am in love. What better to read your books and blog on a tablet.
 So that's my bit of fragmenting - if you are looking for my Friday Photo post or project 365, I will be publishing it soon at Captured by Cat - my new photo blog.
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  1. It also rained at our home. The thunder started just after 17h30 and it kept going and got stronger until 20h00 when it started raining. Was so cool!
    Our silk worms are also big monsters and we have a few spinners. My son just keep forgetting to bring back leaves from after care. No responsibility there.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Our silkworms are huge monsters too, and can they eat!!!
    And yes, we have the absolute best thunderstorms her in johannesburg/pretoria ;)

  3. I am very relieved that silkworms have not yet been discovered by my girls - or by any one in Stutt for that matter!

    Glad you are feeling better and the aches and pains are healing.

    Thanks for the chat (albeit it brief)today and for being my personal shopper.

    Happy Friday. xxxx

  4. am doing a catch up - so will answer a few of your questions here. (Life is CCCCrazzzzy at the moment!)
    1.) We also now have silkworm snakes... and no spinners!!! They are eating me out of the house!! just spin already
    2.) Our tooth fairy gives ten ront per tooth. (Thats the bench mark for our big boy. As long as its paper money, its beeeg!)
    3.) How awesome was that rain?
    4.) If you were at Hobart rd, Bryanston, you were just a stones throw from my house!!! Why didn't you pop in for some tea? ;)

  5. Glad you're feeling better after your fall!

    I'd love an IPad, too...although I really think I'd prefer to read a real BOOK over a tablet.

  6. I was recently given an Ipad for use in my clasroom--I have to agree that it's amazing. I should look into an ibook!

    We really love rainstorms around here, too.

    I remember the days of loose teeth--I think Kyle made one last more than a month--It was gross.

    December's just around the corner! Have fun :)

  7. so with you on the kindle and ipad. I was dying for a kindle, till i saw what the ipad can I am in love with it.

    Loving the rain, its just been a few drops, but hey its better thank nothing :-)

  8. I am still a paper book reader;-D The kindle is just too expensive for my taste. Great to have this catch-up and I am seriously jealous of Kirsty just wanting to "pop in" for tea...wish you were closer.


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