Friday, 22 October 2010

I met Deon Meyer.

PhotoStory Friday
 So today is more of a story than a great photo. Last night I met Deon Meyer! I attended the book release of his newest book, "Spoor". He is South Africa's top selling crime thriller writer and has been translated into 20 languages and he has won several international awards for his books. He is a rising international star - if you want to , think of him as South-Africa's Stieg Larsson.  I see his previous book, "13 Hours" has just been released in the USA - for a my review, read here.

After a discussion about the book with his publisher, we were given the chance to ask questions and then he went on to sign our books and have a chat with his fans. What a friendly, humble and charming man. I can not wait to read my book - just have to finish my current read first.


  1. Lucky you...I have never read his books...will go and have a look at your book review. You look stunning in will fit right in with our purple ribbon campaign's fashion show tomorrow;-D

  2. Wow, Cat! I am impressed!
    I also loves Deon Meyer's writing :D

  3. So cool! So you got it signed and everything then!?

  4. It's always refreshing to meet people that are famous and know they are down to earth!

  5. Awesome. I have also not read his books... will have to hunt some down.
    I met Lu Cun Xin (Of Maos Last dancer fame) at a book signing - and was truly humbled by him x


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