Thursday, 6 January 2011

Back to work 2011

Today is back to work day - and yes, I would rather post pretty holiday pictures, but the truth is that being here weighs heavily on me. Only last year I wrote about my need to work and that I love it. Well, I still like my work, but today I really do not want to be here. I want to be home with my kids - suck up that last bit of holiday spirit before the year starts in full force. Although maybe fearing the stress that I know will be part of this work year is a factor, having enjoyed my kids more this holiday certainly is a bigger one. There has just been less whining, crying and crap, and more love, hugs, laughter and joy. Be under no illusion - our holiday was not a blissful event, but it was great, good quality family time.

I know that this year will be tough as we will be dealing with 3 kids at two schools, two jobs and many other demands, I can not help looking forward to it. Looking forward to positive new things will be my motivation. Hunter and I had a nice chat on our way back about our goals for the year. One item stands out for me - we have got to rush less. Have quieter lives. A part of that will be to get more organized. But we need to breathe.

In our sermon on Christmas morning our pastor quoted Hildegard von Bingen as saying "I am as light as a feather on the breath of God". I took that as my motto for Christmas and the family holiday there after. And it worked for me. Maybe this year, it can work as a motto for the year. Live light and live in dependence of God. Do not sweat the small stuff. LIVE!

Ps - I am doing a project 365 again this year at: 


  1. Stunning post...and my wish for you is to have a lighter year with much joy and laughter.


  2. Good luck for the year ahead. Less rushing sounds like bliss.

  3. Best wishes for a feather-light year! :D

    I know what you mean about not wanting to be at work, but still spend time with the LOs. Very difficult to leave them...

  4. Great post...i agree, i think we can do all with a little slowing down :-)

  5. I have three kids at three different schools... and is hectic. I do not feel like it all starting again next week!!

  6. hmmm - back to the grindstone for all of us....*sigh*
    This Gauteng pace is indeed the rat-race... I think we could all do with a lesson in slowing down!

    happy new year x

  7. I feel so very similar :)

    It was by far one of our best holidays!

  8. I hope you find what you are looking for in 2011:-)

  9. I am absolutely dreading this year in terms of travelling. Polly's new school is in the opposite direction and it is the last thing i need!

    But yes, let's all agree to rush-less, breathe more and enjoy the moments that so often pass by unnoticed by us.


  10. I still think you're amazing for travelling ALL THAT WAY with 3 little ones.

    Hope today wasn't too bad and that you take your time to ease into the year :)

  11. what a touching post. We all need to rush less (I know I do...) and appreciate the moments more. The end of 2010 was rough and our holiday break was busy and full and although enjoyable with the kids - it didn't allow for much time to breath and relax.

    I know my hubby and I need to do more together and really balance what we do as a family more.

    Happy New year! Here's hoping we all have a great 2011.

  12. I still haven't been able to wrap my head around the fact that we're in a new year. I'm not sure if I want to know what's around the corner. Is that bad or what? I can't wait to be matched with our baby but I'm terrified of all that may happen during this year's journey. I'll be praying for you and your inner peace while you're at work and missing your kids at home. I'm off to check out your pics. Hugs!

  13. "Live light and live in dependence of God. Do not sweat the small stuff. LIVE!"

    I like that
    "Living light" -
    Not sure what that looks like -
    But I like the sound of it. And will adopt it if thats ok with you?

    Hope your year turns out all you could have hoped for and more.

    Thanks for visiting me!


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