Monday, 17 January 2011

The weekend report

So yes, today is not such a good day.
I am sick - the tummy craps and the rest that follows started late yesterday afternoon. I feel like crap, but I have two meetings schedule which I can hardly move as the rest of the week is jam-packed. So, let's suffice with bullets, there are two pics at Captured by Cat, and I will do a birthday party post tomorrow.

  • Little man L had a good day at school on Friday and the school actually sent me an mms in the afternoon to show how happy he was. Ai, they are a special bunch and I love that little school to bits.
  • The Princess had a good school party and their athletics was rained out.
  • Friday night was spent doing the last bits for the party.
  • Saturday morning I baked the last cupcakes, the Princess and I iced them (see here) and we picked up some stuff at the home industries.
  • Saturday afternoon the hubby took the boys for an outing and we had the Princess' mosaic party at home. I was a huge success.
  • Our friend I and her daughter E stayed on and the hubbies and smaller siblings joined us for a potjie the evening. It was a good social.
  • On Sunday Hunter and the Princess went to church - he to do duty at the projector in the family service and she was admitted to her first Sunday school year.
  • My mom and her friend H came over for lunch, which Hunter mainly cooked, and after a nap for the kids (and a short one for us - tidying kitchens and all), we went to the park.
  • Last night we watched New moon. 
So a good, but busy one.


  1. SOrry to hear that you're not feeling well. If you have a microwave beenie that always helps me iwth tummy aches.

    I saw the pic of the princess's cakes - gorgeous. Well done, glad to hear that it was a sucess.

    Feel better soon.

  2. Sounds like a good one! Hope you feel better soon...

  3. Sorry, but had to grin at the Freudian slip/pun in your second sentence!

    Having said that, really sorry to hear you're not well.
    Sounds like a great time was had by all and a busy time was had by you.

    Get better soon

  4. Oh no, hope you feel better soon. Great weekend!

  5. I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Oh Cat, am SOOOOO sorry you are beset with the tummy bug. Our area has had SUCH a time with it...spreading to so many, and then cycling back.

    Please take good care of your self and get some rest. LOVE your pictures, too.

    Peace and health to you soon!

  7. So glad little man L is settling :)

    Sorry about not feeling lekker - hope its settled!

  8. blah, tummy bugs are the PITS. i do hope you feeling better.


  9. Hoping that you are feeling much better. You had a wonderful weekend and it was lovely reading all about it.


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