Thursday, 5 May 2011

Row row row your boat,

gently up the lagoon....

By far the family favorite at San Lameer is rowing. The kids adore it. I really enjoy it and Hunter, well, he loves it but obviously have to do the actual work involved in the activity. Somehow, after every boat trip we also have 3 kids napping. Maybe the calming effect of the water? Who knows - I just do not care at all. In fact, we specially planned the day we left, to pack the car and trailer, and then to go for a last boat trip. So this is how we roll:

Dad and the boys went on their own little trip when the Princess and I met up with Shayne and her girls - then they take a canoe.

When we all go we take a two oar rowing boat - me and the boys at the back, hunter in the middle and the Princess in the front.

The hotel at San Lameer from the lagoon.

That little sand bank to the left? That is where we fish in the lagoon. Diamonds on the water - just magic.
BTW- I had a long an very graphic post almost completed about body fluids and the masses we dealt with in the last few days, but alas, I can not bring myself to complete it and maybe it is rather left unpublished.


  1. That looks like such a lovely family outing!

  2. Yes, perhaps the bodily fluid one is rather left unpublished ;)

    Love these pictures, but more so I love how something so simple can bring such joy to children. This is what they should be doing, playing outside, enjoying what our planet has to offer them!

    Lovely post darl xx

  3. Looks like a gorgeous day!!

  4. Awesome photos! You must tell me more about sanlameer when we meet up.... and waiting for you to call :)

  5. We went to San Lameer on honeymoon 16 years ago - that was the last time we were there :) Do you have timeshare?

    Also, I do declare holidays suit you - LOOK how happy you are :)

  6. What a great way to spend the holidays! :D Love the water!


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