Friday, 6 May 2011

The usual Friday ramble.

I should post a nice Photo story Friday post - I have so much material after the holiday and I have promised myself to post our holiday snaps earlier as I have not even done December properly yet. But alas, life goes on and I have heaps of loose odds etc floating in my head.
  • Little man C had an asthma flare up after a tummy bug he had on Monday and Tuesday. Really the timing can not be worse as our dear Lucy is still on sick leave. We have now reluctantly put him back on the Singulair after taking him off it while on holiday (and yes, the mood was more pleasant then). Hunter and I are at the moment sleeping apart - one of us with him in our bed  and the other in their room with Little man L.
  • Really the sleep issues around SID is getting to us. We had 4 amazing nights sleeping through on holiday and only one really tough night with him - now we have had 4 really crappy nights with him. It seems that the weighted blanket helps at times, but not all the time. We have tried everything - kids you not. And even medicating now and again does not ensure a good night's sleep. I think I had one stint of 3 hours last night, the rest were minutes here and there. A mom with a son that is now 18 and has SID tells me he slept through only at 5 years! Gosh, I do not have the energy to go another year and a half...
  • Lucy is doing well and is with one of her daughters recuperating. Really this is tough for us but with the help of Hunter, the laundromat for ironing and Rebecca our ironing lady, now cleaning lady, we are coping. We still have not caught up with laundry washing after the holiday - seems to take ages to dry now that it is colder (and a bit cloudy). Thanks goodness for our tumble dryer, 13 kg washing machine and the dishwasher.
  • The Princess has recovered well from her little cold that started on our last day of the holiday but Little man L sported a nice runny nose this morning. Please kids remember staying at home from school is going to be tough right now!
  • And on the Princess - we have a proud mommy moment to share. She won the Playball floating trophy this week - the first trophy to grace our home won by a child of ours. She is super excited and we are so proud.

  • One of the tile reps that I deal with called me a few weeks ago after she heard from someone that a do a bit of mosaics, asking if I want some mosaics they are throwing out due to ranges changing. Look what arrived! A huge box. Feels like Christmas.

  •  My trusty rather good watch's battery has gone flat and can only be changed by a fgew selected jewelers. Until I find the time to take it there I was completely lost without one - so I bought a little costume cheapo from Woollies - fake troll beads and all. Pretty, don't you think.
  •  I picked up our second photobook from Qphoto on Wednesday - I am so happy once again and this time around they send me an email to come a day later. Good going guys! I have already started with 2008 - I am planning to go back to when digital got going in our home, or maybe further back with scans.
  • I am so in love with my 55 to 250 Canon lens that I bought in December. So many of the great pics I took of the kids this holiday was with it. Catching them unaware is great. And what a great honor to have beautiful photos to make beautiful books.
  •  We are having my mom over for Mothers day for a nice little braai and tomorrow night friends for Hunter's curry.
So with that, my FITC - have a great weekend. What are you planning?


  1. @ae6f03a74be54924532f9e4a218581b4 I used the 30x 30 theme D and 30 x 30 theme F respectively, but did a lot of customization. Maybe give me a call one night when you sit with it - arrange the afternoon then I will make sure I have all ready.

  2. Great finding your other blog and wow!

  3. That's so cool about the free mosaic tiles. Do you have anything in mind about what you are going to make? I used to mosaic myself, I miss it!

  4. How awesome are those tiles?!! The books look so good, and well done to A on her first trophy

  5. awesome randomness :)

    Congrats to your daughter! That's awesome!

    LOVE that you made pgoto books! I have been making them as well recently and my second one just arrived here too. LOVE it!

  6. Sorry to hear about the sleep problems! I don't know how you do it! We only had a few nights during the holidays where the toddler did not want to go to sleep...
    Enjoy your weekend and Mother's Day!

  7. I love your bullet posts :)

    Gosh, I hope he also sleeps through soon. Has it always been like this? Or was there a time when he slept through?

    Love your photo books and yay for the box of mosaics.

    At one point I had 13 watches - I've since been robbed, given some away and so on, and I think I now have about 6/7. Love them!

    We are kind-of caught up with holiday laundry but now K is peeing through her clothes every night again despite a very long, good run with Pampers. Last night at 11:30 I had to change vest and babygrow. Night before last, D changed her at 3 am and everything including bedding. So tonight i'm putting two pampers on. I can't keep up with the laundry and I'm being strict on only doing a load when there's a load, not these half loads, but still it's winter with thicker and more clothes. I had a bill of R4000 from City of Jhb!

  8. For your viewing pleasure, my watch excess

  9. @e0e489fc4ec6017f073ed0a9e8f2241a , he slept wonderfully until 6 months, and then after a hopsital stay they both lost their routines. But his issues really started showing a few months back.

    Try Cuddlers - they are cheap but I found they worked really well for night time.

  10. Congrats on her award and your tile score!!

    Have a great Mother's Day:-)

  11. Oh gosh, hope you all get better soon!

    Love your watch - it really is lovely.

  12. Hats off to you re the sleep issue. I honestly do not know how you cope - but I suppose one does what one has too huh?

    Love the watch - so pretty - think i may have to treat myself to one too. A mother's day gift to myself ....

    What LO did you choose for your photobook? I sat and fiddled the other night but gave up. I don't think i was in the right frame of mind. I must persevere tho.

    Have hinted madly at the 55-250 lens - lets hope DH has heard!

    Have an awesome weekend (with some sleep i hope) and be spoiled on Mother's Day xxx

  13. Congrats to the Princess on her trophy!

  14. I would so love to do photobooks like that!


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